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If Twitter is integrated system wide in iOS 5 , how do you just create a plain text tweet? All screen shots so people attaching photos or links.

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Ender’s Sister

“The most noble title any child can have,” Demosthenes wrote, “is Third.”
Valentine (as Demosthenes)

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>The trailer for X-Men: First Class: Charles And Erik’s Cold War Adventure


Erik via iPad
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>An Engineer’s Guide to Cats


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>Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Looks Sweet


[play video in separate window]

This is a novel style for multiplayer, similar to The Ship Halflife mod. Each person is an assassin and you get one person designated as a target. Someone else is assigned to kill you. So you have to move through town without exposing yourself too much to protect yourself and not alert your target to your presence. You get a radar for the target you’re hunting, but don’t know where your pursuer is. It fosters a playing style that rewards slower methodical play. This looks like a great break from the typical adrenaline-fueled mania present in most multiplayer games.

They’ve also added a leveling and unlock system similar to Modern Warfare. There are other neat mechanics present so that one person doesn’t just dominate everyone else, such as the fact that the top player has multiple assassin’s assigned to take them out. What a breath of fresh air, especially for the adults who get tired of being owned by fourteen year olds because we don’t have lightning reflexes.

Once I’ve explored every nook and cranny in New Vegas, I’ll definitely be checking this out.


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>id Software’s Rage Running on an iPhone 4


this, is, amazing.

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>Where I Been


[Thx for the idea, Jade]

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>The Rise of the Anti Apple People


On tech blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo and even David Pogue’s Times column there has been this surging growth of really angry anti-Apple sentiment. The comments on any posts having even the littlest bit to do with Apple are out of control. Here’s just one example, I spotted on Gizmodo:
Wow. If I didn’t think that Gizmodo editor’s were Apple fanboys, I sure do think it now.

Why in the hell should anybody adopt Apples Facetime? Is it somehow better than other videochat services? Why doesn’t everybody just get Skype? Why don’t Apple just make an integrated Skype videochat app?

The world doesn’t revolve around fucking Apple, and no one should adopt Apple’s videochat, especially when that feature has been around for years on vanilla dumb phones that can do videochat to any other phone on the planet that has a front facing camera.

Seriously Giz, get your heads out of Steve Jobs’ ass.”

Holy crap, so much vitriol.  And there’s tons more just like it, meaner and/or more ignorant.   

You die-hard anti-Apple guys are like the Tea Party of tech: So vehemently against one organization no matter what or how ridiculous the reason. Don’t you realize being categorically anti-Apple is no better than being categorically pro Apple?  Sheesh, calm down already.
Erik via iPad
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>How Christian is Tea Party Libertarianism?

Great article over at Sojo by Jim Wallis. Some key quotes:

“Both compassion and social justice are fundamental Christian commitments, and while the Christian community is responsible for living out both, government is also held accountable to the requirements of justice and mercy.”

“Libertarians seem to believe in the myth of the sinless market and that the self-interest of business owners or corporations will serve the interests of society;”

“C.S. Lewis once said that we need democracy not because people are essentially good, but because they often are not. Democratic accountability is essential to preventing the market from becoming a beast of corporate totalitarianism – just as it is essential for the government. And God’s priorities should determine ours, not the priorities of the Chamber of Commerce.”

“When the system is designed to protect the privileges of the already strong and make the weak even more defenseless and vulnerable, something is wrong with the system.”


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>How is the Dell Streak an iPad Competitor?

I realize that the lines are blurring but this is a smartphone with an awesomely large screen, you could hardly call it a “tablet.”

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