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>Every Mortal Kombat Fatality in 6 Minutes


A lot of these are very slight variations. I remember being in middle school and thinking how awesome it was that there were so many but now I realize I’m looking through a rose-tinted and blood-stained lens.

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>GTA IV: Best-Selling…Thing, Ever.


“Grand Theft Auto IV’s first week performance represents the largest launch in the history of interactive entertainmen”t, and we believe these retail sales levels surpass any movie or music launch to date.


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>Tetris Battle Gaiden


Tetris with characters who have different special moves? I’m there. Found the game on eBay. Now, who’s got an SNES I can borrow?


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>Wii Bowling Training


Just got 512. That's silver, bitches.

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>$180 and a lot of Googling

…it’s amazing what it can get you. Pictured here is a Nintendo DS running the Comic Book DS program with
Paul Chadwick’s “Concrete: Strange Armor” miniseries loaded. I’m halfway through the third book in the chapter and it’s been a pleasure using the DS to read comics on.

Much thanks are owed to Milly for sparking my interest to revisit the DS as a “Paper Killer.” Why $180? What you need to view comics, download DS games, and run old Lucas Arts adventure games on a Nintendo DS:

1) A DS = $130
2) “Flash cart.” I use and recommend the R4DS = $45
3) A microSD Memory card (best deals here) = $11
4) Some downloaded comics, DS roms or adventure games = free

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>Nintendo DS Shortages…!


So, although I could find NO NEWS about it, searches on Best Buy, Circuit City, Gamestop and Amazon’s inventories for a Nintendo DS yielded “Out of stock,” “back-ordered” or “not available for purchase online” messages. I’m considering actually buying one…yes, again. I’ve ordered a Slot 1 flash card device – for homebrew, ROMs and multimedia capabilities – per a recommendation from Francis Bonnin and I guess I’ll just have to borrow the lady’s when it arrives…in 12-18 days :( Damned international Air Mail from Asia.

Per Milward’s suggestion I re-checked out Comic Book DS and saw that M. Bonnin has actually posted a video of the app in use. If it’s as easy fast and intuitive as it appears to be (see video), the only potential hurdle for reading comics on it would be the screen size. I’m very keen on getting some sort of device in use before my dream Paper Killer comes into being.

BTW, I wonder what it will be like to read comics on the iPhone, they’d probly have to be individual images…

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>Sony’s Checks Their Ego, Finally

>According to some guy at Sony, they admit that one next-gen disc format is
better than two for consumers and are “open to discussions.” Either
they learned from all of their past format war failures (Betamax,
Minidisc and Memory Stick spring to mind) or this is simply a token PR
move and when actual discussions commence they’ll remain as bull-headed
as they have all along. I’m not getting my hopes up since Sony has been
all about Sony in the last several years instead of all about consumers
and better technology. However, my cynicism probably won’t be warranted
since they finally conceded to LCD’s as viable TV’s (oh what a novel
concept) and now have devices on the market sporting SD drives (take the
Sony Reader for one). I truly believe that there are some great people
left at Sony but their common-sense ideas and pro-consumer attitudes get
drowned out amidst all of the self-congratulatory speech. Take, for
example, Kutaragi’s claim that people would buy a PS3 even if no games
were available (yeah, that tactic worked *real* well for the PSP).

Maybe 2007 will be a banner year for Sony. I don’t really care, though,
Samsung has already dethroned them in my mind and on my wishlist.
eriK via sidekick

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>Super Mario Bros. 3: LEGO Edition
Do you think the name of the person who made this is ‘Zack’? Do you get the reference?

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>PS3 – A Preview of teh future? Graphics FTW?


After playing the PS3 several times at different stores and thinking about it too much I have…realized that I don’t hate it as much as I thought I should…I guess. Before I played it, it was a foregone conclusion: $600 for a console, that only adds the incremental bump in graphics is stupid. Stoopid even. Then I played it. Now, I wasn’t blown away or anything, and my conclusion is still essentially the same. However, the graphics are pretty. They allow you to see individual parts of a car as it gets smashed against a boulder. It’s kinda neat. So, when it comes down in price, gets rid of some dumb limitations (see these for a starter, and there are many more around if you look) and if Sony ever actually produces anywhere near the numbers (rumor is that they won’t even reach 500,000 in the “launch window” which is pitiful); basically if they can start doing anything right after the series of many missteps they’ve made in the last couple of years it could be a great system.

Anyways, games are fun and with stunning graphics they’re funner. However, a choice between a PS3 and a Wii is a choice between the most high-end game console that would complement a state-of-the-art home theater system and better and innovative gameplay. I’m more interested in new ways to play, graphics have been improving for years, it’s not a novel advance like the Wiimote is.

What I’m wondering is if PS3 developers are scrapping PS3 plans and switching development to other systems as a result of the extremely limited availability of the PS3…oh wait, they’re already doing that (see Grand Theft Auto 4 and Assassin’s Creed, among others)…and did you see that Sony’s stock has been going down since the new Playstation launch? Things are bad in Sony land.

Looks like it’ll be a Wii60 combo for me this generation.

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>I have played zis sing zay call ze Wii


I spent the afternoon and evening playing my friend Bret’s Wii. I give it 4 out of 5 tinkles. Why not a perfect 5? On its own the system as a concept and implementation is perfect, however, if there’s not a lot of 3rd party support it will go the way of the Gamecube. So pending much support and more clever implementation of the Wiimote and overall control scheme, it’s perfect. Seriously, it’s great. My only gripe was with the controls in Wii Boxing, which needs some tuning.

Downloading games and using the Virtual Console (and the system menus in general) was great. The tiny little bumps while “mousing” (wii-ing?) over things made it tactile and the system was responsive and provided nice little aural feedback noise upon selections, similar to how a TiVo does, only more elegantly. In fact, the whole “whiteness” of the thing, along with its size and the whole crisp feel to everything reminded me a lot of the Dreamcast. Let’s hope this isn’t Nintendo’s last console though…

Playing Zelda: TP was much MUCH easier than I’ve read about. All the reports I had read said that everyone should expect at it to take at least 20 – 30 min. to get used to the new controls. Try 5. I was completely comfortable with using the Wiimote and Nunchuk after 5 minutes. Maybe it was the first game those other reviewers used, while I got acclimated to everything by playing most of Wii Sports beforehand. Twilight Princess, at least the 10 minutes I played, was great. I feel it sucking me in already…

I’ve gotta ending these paragraphs like that…the only other game I got to play was Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam which looks and sounds retarded. It’s great. In fact the gameplay was so fun that I decided that if/when I get my own Wii, that will be the second game I purchase (cuz TP has to be the first).

And now I shall expound on my deep wisdom regarding the PS3.

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