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>Guns, Credit and Corn


The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Word – Guns, Credit, and Corn
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>TV Tropes

Watch out Action Slacks and Hyperdrive, there’s a wiki for TV script writing, pretty soon every Tom, Dick and Harry will have their own series. Thank God there’s no info on the web about online marketing, otherwise I’d be screwed.

and for gosh sakes, will someone please start using the star rating system at the bottom of posts? even if you hate a post, i’d love to know. it’s anonymous so i won’t be taking retribution.
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>Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

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>Preacher Confirmed as Series at HBO


The comic book that got me back into comics at age 22 is going to be
turned into an HBO series. I’m not that stoked about the writer and
director (same guys who did Grumpier Old Men) but if they can just
capture most of the humor and violence of the comic, it’ll be great.
Click here for more info
eriK via Hiptop

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>Jericho sux0rz Tonight


Alright, how many episodes do we have to watch of these contrived
crises? I think the template is clear: The hospital is short on
something, the bartender can’t be sure she’ll woo her man away from his
wife, one of the main character’s family members gets injured, people
make references to life before Jake left town, the IRS woman offends
people and some ridiculously small indication is given as to what the
fuck is going on.

Thank you, Jericho, it looks like I solved my problem of having so many
shows to record on Thursday nights that I don’t have enough space on my
TiVo to catch 30 Rock.

But damnit if I don’t want to know what’s going on and how that one dude
is involved.

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>Fally TV-0-Rama Gee Golly


I purchased a TiVo about a month ago. A lot of that purchase was prompted by the fear of missing any of the new shows in case any of them were great. I know, a plan seemingly doomed to disappoint. Not the case, however. I’ve also noticed that this is my motivation for my myriad interests: the fear of missing something *good*. More on that later, for now I present my list of Fall TV recommendations. These are organized by new shows I think you should at least watch a couple of episodes of to see if you get into them as much as I have and old shows with new seasons that are really good.

New Shows

1. Heroes
Yes, it is a dorky concept executed pretty heavy-handily sometimes but overall it’s good. It’s interesting enough to maintain interest by dolling out revelations in just the right amounts. If you check out this series be sure to make it through the last episode aired, “Collision”, there’s a fantastic scene right at the end. In fact I am sooo tempted to put a screenshot up but I don’t want to ruin it in the off-chance that somebody does end up watching the series later.

2. Jericho.
This show does it for me. There are less heavy-handed moments than Heroes and the only thing that worries me is the final reveal of the attack and why that one guy in the town knows all about it but won’t tell anyone. Real potential to be stupid but the journey is the destination and this train is hott. I couldn’t help myself.

3. Runaway
It’s good. Really. I just like TV drama, I blame Lost. This has been a quality show so far. I especially liked how we are thrust into the middle of things right from the start without having to go through a whole build up.

4. 30 Rock
Is there room on one network for 2 shows about a late-night sketch comedy show, in addition to actual said show? Yes. If they’re both coming at it from such opposite directions as Studio 60 and 30 Rock and the latter has Tracy Morgan. “I’m a Jedi!” This is one you need to watch at least the first episode of so you can at least see good Tracy Morgan jokes.

New Seasons/Oldies-but-Goodies

A. South Park

B. Venture Brothers
I’m sorry, I disagree with what seems like a majority here (all reviews I’ve seen so far have been positive) but this season is not as good as the first was. I hope Season three goes back to basics. Actually, I couldn’t even point out what was different but it isn’t as funny as before. I know at least Erika’s with me on this.

C. Ebert & Roeper
I’ve always loved this show, ever since I first saw it when I was a kid. It felt so cool to be able to see parts of movies before they came out. Now that I’m older I really like the dichotomy of an overly exposed and jaded film critic (Roeper) and someone who hasn’t lost all touch with the rest of humanity (Ebert). Both have a profound history of knowledge of films and it’s valuable to hear what they each have to say. This is no collegiate-level exercise taking into account non-narrative elements but if I only indulged that I’d only watch things like Sweet Sweetback’s Badassss Song and Mulholland Drive – both of which I enjoy but, as mentioned above, I am still a sucker for a well-told, straightforward story.

D. Robot Chicken
Buk buk buk, buk buk buk, buk buk bukky bukky buk buk buk (it’s so annoying when someone does that, even when you know the theme yourself, however, it seems that if one were to do one of these for this show, this would be it).

E. Star Trek: Special Editions
Did you hear about how they transferred the old episodes into HD and added some CG in place of some of the old effects? I’m sure you’re thinking that that sounds like a bad idea but actually I am enjoying it. This is coming from someone who would rail at the thought of doing the same thing to Tom Baker’s Dr. Who run from the 70’s so take my recommendation with a little more seriousness than some other “Ain’t It Cool News-fanboy”. Cuz I’m not one of those.

F. Project Runway
I thought Michael should win until I saw his “Urban Safari” concept, huh?

G. Good Neighbors
This is a BBC sitcom from 1975-78 that I really enjoy. Perhaps Drew will be the only one to enjoy this as well, that is if he actually finds copies somewhere to download.

H. Lost
What, you didn’t know this was good? Have you been living on a deserted island or something?

Shows that I did watch but put the axe to

!. Survivor: Cook Islands
This was good when it was all divided up by race, what a great gimmick I can just see people going on a tirade about this. Then they integrated everyone. Boring, now it’s not any different than previous seasons. Gimmick’s gone and so am I. It didn’t work guys.

@. Metalocolypse
This really isn’t that funny.

All in all I have a total of 35 season passes on my TiVo and yes, it is hard to keep up. A bit annoying actually, especially when TiVo recommends some 2 hour special about Republicans in Hollywood that I just can’t pass up. btw, the filmmaker’s theory that Vincent Gallo is pretending to be Republican for attention showed his lack of familiarity with the man but was an interesting idea nonetheless. Between that, the History Channel specials like the one on the life of Caligula, and all my season passes, I may be driven mad.


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