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>Wii Drum High

Wii Drum High Tutorial from Zhao He on Vimeo.

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>Music in Your Hand and Throughout Your Home with Apple’s Airport Express

Apple’s AirPort Express is basically a wireless router with a USB port and audio jack. Hooking up a printer to the USB port allows any printer to be used wirelessly from any computer throughout a house. Plugging speakers into the audio jack (any computer speakers), though, is where the magic starts. You can then play your iTunes music on those speakers, regardless of where you’ve plugged them in.

Combine this with the Remote application for the iPhone (or iPod Touch) and now I’m able to lay in bed and control iTunes on my laptop, out in my office, on the speakers in my bedroom. This is audio bliss.

Also, the wife and I can print to our printer now from anywhere in our home.

Why do people spend beaucoup $$$$ on expensive systems from Sonos to do this? An iPod Touch costs $230 and each AirPort Express is $99. To have two rooms setup for music (maybe the bedroom and the back patio), it only would only cost $430. To do this with the cheapest Sonos set is $1,000! And really, if you already have an iPhone or iPod Touch you’re only talking about a $99 cost for each room you want music in (that your computer isn’t already in). That’s a bargain.

Being an Apple product, it’s very easy to setup. In fact it’s beyond ‘easy,’ as it’s the easiest networking-related product I have *ever* setup, and I used to be a part-time network administrator. I was using it in 5 minutes, for reals. There are a couple of extra steps if you’re not on a Mac but it’s still much less than any other Windows networking.


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> Supports iPhone: EDGE or WiFi!!

It’s a good day for news: the bestest online radio stations, provided by, now support iPhone (and iPod Touch of course). This is great news because before the only way you could listen to these stations with the Wonder Device was through‘s service, but that was only available briefly as the two groups didn’t get along.

Wow, I am so excited for access to unlimited Lounge music anywhere, anytime.

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>soma fm vs. Flytunes


I was getting tired of not knowing why soma fm, streamers of the best Internet radio stations, wasn’t available via Flytunes on my iPhone anymore. For the short few days I had it, twas Heaven.

I wrote soma fm today to ask what happened and here’s the cool part:

Flytunes initially added us to their service without asking our permission, and when they did ask our permission, part of the agreement was to allow them to put ads in our streams. We didn’t agree to this, and asked them to remove us from their service.

We will shortly have our own iPhone streaming service available.

Sweet ass.

Update: See Flytunes’ official response in the comments. It seems there may be more to this than soma lets on. However, it appears the crux of the differences come down to the monetization methods. Perhaps soma would rather be donation only to avoid any ads being inserted into their streams. Flytunes’ desire to monetize via in-stream advertising and provide a rev-share isn’t a horrible idea either, though.

Let’s just hope soma’s iPhone/iTouch app is as easy to use as the Flytunes platform.


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>Andrew W.K. – Awkwardness = Joy


This is a clip from his Joy Trilogy…talks…er…speeches…

I hear these speaking events of his are really good if you’re on acid. I’m sure that’s not saying a lot though.

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>BeatBearing – Physical Sequencer


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>Bradleo and the Consumers: Champagne Dreams

>BradLeo and the Consumers – “Champagne Dreams”
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Bradleo does it again! Note the decidedly “Bradleo” touches in this video: glaring use of color, lo-fi effects and cheeze. It’s a perfect companion to the song craftsman’s ouevre. Wouldn’t you agree?

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