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>The Day the Earth Caught Fire [1962] – Review


What a great find. Fine British film that seems pretty unknown but should be considered a classic and studied. It feels like a sci-fi/disaster version of The Wire.

I’ll let a few words from a biographer and director Val Guest himself describe this the best way it could be:

“At a time when the vast majority of science fiction films were populated by aliens, blobs and bug-eyed monsters, Val Guest brought his trademarks of intelligence, seriousness and realism to the genre…Perhaps inspired by his background as a journalist, Guest chose to shoot his fantasy films in a gritty documentary style…’That’s the only way to make the unbelievable believable…You have to do these science fiction things like you would any other drama…I tried to present them like strange but very real events at which a camera just happened to be present.'”


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>Twilight Zone Mannequin


This scary looking mannequin comes alive in the episode “The After
Hours.” I’ve got to find me one of these old ski masks, how
terrifying. Ever notice how close that word is to ‘terrific?’ I have, just now.

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>Enhance Your Netflix Account with


This thing is neat-0. You copy the RSS feed (bottom of page) for your queue into and it tells you all sorts of stats about your watching habits. Be prepared for some bad surprises, though. I learned the following about my 2-at-a-time $14/mo. account:

  • I pay ~ $9.79 per movie (gah!)
  • I only average 0.33 returns per week? Huh? That doesn’t sound right, I watch one movie and one disc of a TV show per week. I verified the dates…wow, I thought I was a fairly frequent returner. Time to make a bigger dent in that 197-movie long queue!

What did you discover about your viewing habits?

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>The World According to Monsanto


I highly recommend this documentary about how Monsanto has changed farming and lives of Americans and other peoples worldwide. Although the film doesn’t make this connection directly, it’s little wonder why our cancer rates in America are some of the worst after seeing the evidence from even Monsanto’s own scientists. This affects 70% of the food supply in America.

You also learn how Monsanto is literally ruining the lives of farmers in America, India and other places.

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>The Hip-Hap-Happening


Saw M. Night Shamalong-a-ding-dong’s “The Happening” yesterday. Good times. Very funny, several laugh-out-loud moments. During and after watching it I was convinced that the movie was ultimately a joke because of they myriad instances of bad directing, bad acting and bad dialogue that were so hilarious. Unfortunately I think that some of those may have actually been unintended. I don’t care though because this was a very funny movie and if you liked Slither or Cabin Fever you’ll like this. Damn funny stuff.

I still think that M. Night is going to come out at some point and admit that the whole thing was a joke and he can’t believe so many people took it so seriously. We’ll see.


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>Lotsa Good Movies Coming Out


Science Fiction

This sci-fi flick, Sunshine, looks like it could have some nice eye-sugar:


The latest from the Cohen brothers:
No Country for Old Men

Science Nonfiction

In the Shadow of the Moon

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>Netflix Intros Online Movies – Fucking Finally


Holy shit I was gonna defect to BlockBuster, but this is WAY better to me, well depending on the selection (it’s already 4x as much as Apple, and will be 20x bigger by the end of this year). Fuck everyone complainin’ about needing to watch this at your desk: I have a $190 PC hooked up to my HDTV through a $30 converter box. Integrate your expensive-ass home theater with some sorta computer and shut the fuck up.

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>Time Bandits Remake?

>Oh Lord.

Which reminds me: finish last half of Time Bandits.

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>Borat – Deleted Scene

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>Borat -The first 4 minutes

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