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>260 Wedding and Honeymoon Photos Added

>Just added last SD card full of photos. Holy cow I’m glad I found that thing. Just select either the Wedding or Honeymoon galleries to the right to see the new pics. There are about 30 new ones for the wedding and 230 for the Honeymoon, this was the biggest batch from the Honeymoon. So the majority of our France pics were not up yet.

Note: Picasa allows for you to download entire albums at once, just look for the link on the left that says “Download Album.” That makes it MUCH easier.

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>W E D D I N G P H O T O S


Good news everyone! I’ve made it through the last month! After going to the hospital, getting married, going to – and getting stuck in – France, cutting my toe open and having Chelsea go into the hospital too – all in that order – I’m still alive. And I have the pictures to prove it. Unfortunately we’re still missing a memory card full of photos from the wedding and France and the professional pics, from Chez Wimberly, haven’t come back yet BUT at least we have over 300 collected so far.

See photos from Chelsea and Erik’s Wedding of Wonder.

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>My Standards



Baking Equipment


Music Player

Comic Book

Search Engine


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>Bradleo and the Consumers: Champagne Dreams

>BradLeo and the Consumers – “Champagne Dreams”
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Bradleo does it again! Note the decidedly “Bradleo” touches in this video: glaring use of color, lo-fi effects and cheeze. It’s a perfect companion to the song craftsman’s ouevre. Wouldn’t you agree?

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>Send-off for an Old Frend


This morning I got to be the last person in Orlando to buy breakfast for a local rock legend: Bradleo. The last meal? A croissanwich from Burger King. A kingly meal fit for royalty, to be sure.

Kidding aside, we’ll miss you, Brad.

Don’t forget to call whenever you’re back in town on a visit and we’ll see you in March. Keep on StumbleOn but most importantly keep in touch with your Darkplace.

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>The Bradleo Administration


The 2 new tracks, Sierra and 7 Days a Week are his strongest yet. You gotta hear it, pretty soon people will really think he’s 40 and spent his life playing in bars. Also, click on the Memphis date to see the venue where he’s playing.

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>That’s Pep


For Matty’s birthday Chelsiar and I bought him a nice robe and she
embroidered the front with his initials and diamonds (you’ll have to ask
Matty). But the best part was the back on which Chelsea sewed P E P.
Great idea for a gift, right? It was literally the first thing that
popped into my head when Chelsea asked “what are you going to get
via hiptop

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