Future of Apple Revealed in 1997 During Q & A Session with Steve Jobs

26 Jun

This is incredible: a recording from Apple’s 1997 World Wide Developers Conference.  Specifically, the post-keynote Q & A session with Steve Jobs where he takes questions from anyone in attendance for over an hour and revealing the present future of the company and its products today – over 10 years later.

In this exchange he reveals his vision for the things that eventually materialize as iCloud, mobile apps and simplified application development and more.  He also sports some awesome 90s jeans with patches.

The juiciest spots:

6:30 – Media over-blowing effect of so-called Brain Drain as Apple managers leave and the company (particularly prescient for the last couple of weeks)

14:10 to 17:10 – iCloud (network-based storage and backup)

19:00 – Having integrated software and hardware is not a liability, it’s a key benefit as it allows fast transitioning to new technology (WinTel = 93-headed monster)

24:50 – Apple’s need to promote apps through marketing (became foundation of iPhone marketing)

52:23 – Philosophy: start with user interface then work backwards to the technology (customer’s needs first, then engineering, instead of beginning by asking engineers ‘what can/should we do?’)

1:01:10 – iPhone foreshadowing: Newton sucks and will fail because it’s a 3rd set of system software BUT it missed the boat by not being connected to the internet.  Otherwise it’s just “a little scribble thing”.

1:10:05 – Embrace change at Apple and support it with app development because Apple laying groundwork to be able to zoom ahead of the rest of the industry (which has been true to Apple’s sales alone for the past few years).

[via John Gruber]

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