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>Game Design and Apple Design

>From a great article on metagaming at

The more fea­tures an appli­ca­tion has, the more uneasy a user can feel. This prin­ci­pal is one rea­son why Apple’s prod­ucts tend to be so sat­is­fy­ing to use. The more lim­ited a product’s func­tion­al­ity, the eas­ier one can mas­ter it. And feel­ing like a mas­ter of your tools is a won­der­ful thing.

I would even say it’s simpler than that: more simplicity = less stress. It’s not so much the feeling that I’ve accomplished everything I can with my iPhone and its apps, it’s that it’s so easy for me to figure out how to do things I’ve never even tried before.

The rest of the article is about creating challenges outside of games to accomplish in-game. It’s form also follows the topic of metagaming, allowing you to hide areas you’ve already read.

Another nugget:

And like per­fectly fit clothes, that feel­ing is
empow­er­ing. A para­dox, then: the less you enable peo­ple to
do, the more they will do.


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>Hitler responds to the iPad


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>iPad: The Morning After


Alright, I’ve cooled off a bit. I’ve listened to hours and hours of podcasts and read through virtual reams of opinions, taking in everyone’s opinion on the iPad. Yes it’s got some obvious flaws . But I only ever wanted to get hold of a device that allows me to read regular books and comics – and this does it. Probably does it really well in fact. Plus, it’s backlit, unlike most other e-readers.

I got word from Bitolithic, developer of the best iPhone comic viewer Comiczeal, that he was already starting development for an iPad-optimized version. Huzzah.

So how do I feel now? I am looking forward to its release. But there is one really big question left: will Apple allow the Kindle iPhone app on the iPad? Or will they disallow it since it competes with their iBooks Store?

After all the hub-bub with Macmillan’s price fight with Amazon , their removal and subsequent re-instatement, I’m not sure if Amazon would even want the Kindle app to work on the iPad. I sure hope they put it on there so no matter what I get the best price on any given book. How much would it suck if all the books on iBooks were $12.99 – $14.99, but could be had by Kindle users for much less (there are many on Kindle for only $6.99).

This begs a bigger question: when, oh when , will content producers (publishers, movie studios, etc…) realize that people are never going to pay the same prices for digital versions of things as the physical versions? They are only making it worse for themselves by not releasing books, movies, and DVDs the same day as the physical versions, but for less money. Piracy is still too complicated for most people. If there’s a simple, legal option, and a price benefit, then much less people will be forced to seek out illicit versions.
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