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>Magic Mouse: So Much for the Excitement

So it works like a mouse to move around the screen but you lose the ability of scrolling?! That’s a pretty big omission.

Yeah, I’ll be skipping that then. I’m not keeping another mouse at my desk for when I’m in Boot Camp – which is 8 hours a day. Sad, I was excited and considering the purchase. What a dumb move, just write the drivers you dolts.

UPDATE: Someone has gone to the effort of hacking the Magic Mouse drivers together for us, still surprised Apple hasn’t put out some drivers yet. You can get them here.

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>T-1000: Year 1


iRobot’s Soft Morphing Blob ‘Bot Takes Its First Steps

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>The Big Lie

>"I've seen the Big Lie technique — say anything loud enough, often
enough and it'll sound like truth, but I considered it a tool of
totalitarian governments, and not possible in America."

-Captain America (as written by Steve Englehart sometime in the 70s)

Wow, reminds me of all the misinformation and patent lies the right
wing nutjobs spout on the radio, tv and through email about Preisdent
Obama and his policies. Both during the Preidential campaign and now
for almost anything he does, but especially for the health care debate.

Death panels! Mass abortions! Socialism! (as typically used when they
mean communism)

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>Rep. Alan Grayson on CNN


Representative Grayson tells it like it is. The only person putting across the real sense of urgency appropriate to this debate.

Who is the douchebag who keeps claiming that Republicans have several plans? If they have so many plans, how come they haven’t put even one forward for consideration? Idiot.

And so many people think CNN is liberal…what a joke. If liberals and conservatives are both unhappy with their representation on CNN, then CNN is either sufficiently neutral or completely inept.

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>More Evidence of Our Broken Health Care System


I’m not necessarily on board with every point this video makes but the fundamental truth is in there: health insurance companies face pressure to increase profits, like any other business. But they are such huge businesses now that they end up spending tons of money lobbying, way too much of what each member pays in premiums goes to marketing and non-health related costs. They also feel pressure to cut costs and do so almost ruthlessly by denying legitimate health care needs of its members.

We shouldn’t be too surprised as this is the way of for-profit businesses, which health care companies didn’t used to be in the US, they were non-profit entities originally. Perhaps that’s the only way to rein in this out of control system that’s no longer based on providing the best possible care.

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>Fear Him


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