>The Real Problem with Health Care Reform

22 Sep


Seriously though, how can you be against the Public Option? Because your high ideals prevent you from considering such “nonsense?” You’re right, keep letting people go bankrupt and die. Maybe you don’t even know anyone affected, and they could just be homeless people for all you know. The rest of the industrialized world, all of the other capitalist democracies, *are* wrong. We should stand firm on the mighty belief that people *should* profit from the sickness and misery of others.



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3 responses to “>The Real Problem with Health Care Reform

  1. Anonymous

    September 25, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    >Erik,I ran across this article that made a little more sense to me. hope you are looking at the costs too. I agree that it sounds like a good idea, but to do a public option nation wide is on a scope the nations that they think to model a national health care reform from wouldn't even dream of. I think that there is a real problem with health care in America, I just think that you aren't looking at the long term cost and effects. A short sighted health care plan will have. I'd like to know what you think, and I hope it doesn't make you dig in your heals (sp) too much. Let me know if you have any good counter data. Like I've said before I'm not taking this on any empathetic level for my fellow human too much and that is probably where we will be very divided the most. Comment on you laterJared

  2. eriK

    September 25, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    >First of all, don't confuse a Public Option with a single-payer system, that is not what's being debated.Secondly, your fears about costs seem sensical, but are out line with reality. There are several proposals in Congress that include the Public Option, in fact only one of them doesn't: the one from dumbass Baucus. The assertion that it "Won’t add a dime to the deficit and is paid for upfront" has been backed up by the CBO. But even if it adds to it, are you saying that a useless war in Iraq that's cost us $3 Trillion and counting is worth more than $1 Trillion to save lives and improve the American economy by providing jobs and stability from a healthy work force?No, you're the one who needs to provide an alternative plan, we progessives have provided many precise details on how to roll out and manage a Public Option. In fact our current VA system is a good, if imperfect model. All the opponents do is come up with reasons that "it might not work." There is still no alternative plan being proposed by Conservatives.A Public Option is the only chance we have to put out real competition in the market that would bring about signficant and needed change. In America we have lost the soul of our Capatilism, we no longer have a true Free Market. Can you switch your uility company for a better rate from a competer? No, they have region-based monopolies. In the UK you can call any number of power companies and switch yours in 2 weeks.Can you opt for Comcast TV and Internet instead of Brigthouse in downtown Orlando? No, you have only one cable company to choose from, otherwise you have to go with either a less-competitive technology like DSL or a significantly more expensive, and slow, one like satellite-based solutions.Can you call Cigna and get a better health care plan more like what they offer in Minnesota than the plans they make available to Floridians? No, we are not allowed to choose across state borders. But in fact I couldn't even call Cigna to get health care period, they have denied me coverage flat out because I may have had Crohn's disease, which has been medically proven to be false of me the last 2 years.Corporations control our economy from the highest levels of government to a degree that now procludes any real competition. The insurance companies, if not outright colluding, subtley agree to market prices and features, there are no meaningful differences in coverage between a United Health Care plan than another from Humana, in Florida. A public option would light a real fire under their asses and get their act together. But even if they all started really competing for our business, across the whole US, we'd still have fellow Americans who would fall through the cracks. Plus there's no guarantee that they'd feel enough pressure to lower costs significantly. The cost of health care has far outpaced the wage increases of Americans. It is absolutely insane that we have people getting permanent disabilities because their care was delayed or denied. The cost of health care in America is one of the highest in the world, if not the highest yet the quality of our health is #32 in the world.If the whole of the rest of the industrialized world has figured out how to provide a basic human need why are we so different? Certainly there are models that are scaleable and adjustments that can be made to ensure that.The purpose of meaningful debate on progress is to avoid simply poking holes to undermine and stoke fears, instead of working together to create the best possible system.Are you going to be a heckler or a critical participant? So far, I've heard only heckling.

  3. Anonymous

    September 25, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    >I definitely don't think I'm heckling. My biggest problem in the American people in general. I don't believe that we have any more rights than those given to us. And I can't stand it when people believe that anything more than breathing, and pooping is a right. If you want a proposal from someone then here goes. I believe in an option that would still cost the individual. Exceptions can be made to those with lower incomes. I wish that insurance companies and even the government run health care would base rates on what I would call a "health audit". It would charge the individuals based on current health and change those premiums yearly or quarterly based on the individuals steps to minimized those health concerns with exclusions to those health problems that can not be alleviated or altered by health diet or orthopedic treatment. It could open up a new sector of work, alleviate the demands for doctors (which I think the current plans will only increase). And increase business in other areas other than health care.I poke holes because don't like one line thinking or cost without benefit. Either way. I am willing to support someone with serious health problems with my tax dollars, however that is an ideal and not a complete reality. Advantage of the system WILL be taken advantage. I am willing to accept this, but that doesn't mean that you should sweep something under the table.Just because you think you have a good idea doesn't mean it has to be 100% fool proof. And if an idea can't take the criticism (real or heckling) then it might not have been that good of an idea to begin with.I certainly hope that you are not insinuating that because I don't agree with every thing you said means that I believe in the Iraq war (I'm not sure I read that part right). Do you think that just because I disagree with something liberal means I'm a hard core conservative? I took what GW's experts said with a grain of salt and I will do so with anyone else in a public office. It isn't there job to tell you that they messed up or that they were wrong. Or that someone isn't in their pocket to tell you not to worry "they are an expert".Please don't think that I don't agree with some of your comments that's far from it. You seem to put it in a us versus them which I really don't like (when you "progressives" are talking to "me")What I want to know is what you think about the PNHP systems proposed? since those are close to what I would like.Have a good weekend man let me know if you want to do and RPGing or WH40k anytime. I can get you an army. :-P call me.


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