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>Alan Grayson Stands up to Republican Hacks on Health Care


This is funny, but the best part they didn’t include: when Grayson stated that our current health care crisis amounts to another holocaust. Extreme? Or is there a nugget of truth in there…

I’m just glad Grayson is finally standing up, I’ve been talking to his aides for months trying to get to the bottom of why he wouldn’t come out in steadfast support of a public option. Now I think it was because he was hoping that Single Payer made it. Unfortunately Single Payer doesn’t have much chance, but a Public Option could definitely, and will I hope, pass this year.

I love your pinko commie heart, Mr. Grayson. Thanks for your defiance.

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>Best App Store Review Yet

Discovered this review for the “Max Injury Lite” [iTunes link] iPhone dismount-style game. Someone needs to create a website for people to submit and share great customer reviews of App Store items or maybe just any products in general. Unless it already exists…

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>The Book of Eli HD Trailer #2


So somebody just made the Fallout 3 universe into a film. Crazy that post-apocalyptia is fast becoming the new main stream genre of choice. Zombies, vampires and post-apocalyptic wastelands dominate pop culture – is everyone becoming a nerd?

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>The Real Problem with Health Care Reform


Seriously though, how can you be against the Public Option? Because your high ideals prevent you from considering such “nonsense?” You’re right, keep letting people go bankrupt and die. Maybe you don’t even know anyone affected, and they could just be homeless people for all you know. The rest of the industrialized world, all of the other capitalist democracies, *are* wrong. We should stand firm on the mighty belief that people *should* profit from the sickness and misery of others.



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>9.12 DC Tea Party March and Interviews


Wow. You know people this stupid exist but you don’t really know it until you see this.

I want my country and my religion back.

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>My Uncle on Health Care Reform


“…it is definitely is a sad day when the voice of millions of the most ignorant and selfish of citizens is controlled by a political party that has been bought… lock, stock and barrel by a private group of people in a protected non-competitive atmosphere who profit in the billions of dollars over the sickness of their fellow Americans and the selective denial of care to others.”

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>Stick Figures Show Why We Need Government-Run Health Insurance


Excellent job, this little animation.

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>Health Care Costs Much Less than Pointless War

I used to defend our invasion of Iraq. I used to think that if Saddam Hussein was out of power, that was good for their country and for our safety. But then it became abundantly clear that not only did Iraq not contain any weapons capable of harming us, but Al Qaeda training never occurred there. Saddam was actually keeping them out.

So they never posed a threat, never aided terrorists against America, but we’re sending our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers to die over there.

And people seem to have no problem to continue doing this while a lot of Americans are going bankrupt, homeless, sick and even dying under the outrageously broken system we currently have. In fact they’re not really even offering a clear alternative plan to the various health care bills in the House.

The military-industrial complex has become a disgusting monster. How can you not see that with at least half a brain and the capability of possessing emotion?

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