>New Rules for the Health Care Debate

07 Aug

Here are my new rules for entering the health care debate:

1. Not allowed provide an opinion without knowing more details about the systems the rest of the industrialized world uses. You need to know much more than just anecdotal evidence Fox news produces.

That means maybe watching Frontline’s investigative report on health care in the rest of the modern world or perhaps viewing Sicko (it doesn’t matter what you think you know about him, this is the least partisan thing he’s done since Roger & Me).

2. Not allowed to vehemently protest a Public Option unless also pubicly decrying the evils of our American socialized education system, police forces, firefighters and public libraries.

3. No bringing Nazis into this, you’ve already lost your argument if you’re suggesting that ANYONE in elected office is for fascism. I am referring, of
course, to Rush Limbaugh’s tirade referencing the false history of the rise of the Nazi party. He had almost completely made-up facts about parallels to the current move for American health care reform.

If you can manage to accomplish at least two of those things, then you can actually contribute and we can talk. And by “talk” I mean an actual exchange of ideas and not screaming slogans at representatives from districts other than yours while pretending to be a constituent.

And oh yeah, one last thing:

4. You must be willing to concede that you are in the minority of opinion since Obama was elected by America last year (and by no small margin) largely for his health care platform.

These rules are necessary because we’re dealing with moronic crap like this:

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Posted by on August 7, 2009 in Government, Health


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