>"Canadian-Style" Health Care? Give me a Break

06 Aug

>Yet it’s hard to tell since there’s so much on the news with idiot “journalists” talking about it and front groups, funded by insurance and pharma companies, using ads like the one below to get Americans to think that’s the case and scare them away from it.

I won’t go into every thing that’s wrong with this ad, since so much is false in it and does that very well, but I think the two biggest things to learn about this ad is that Shona Holmes had a benign cyst of a type that is not life-threatening. She would not, as she says, die if she had waited 6 months.

But okay, maybe you’re thinking ‘well, having to wait to remove it is still a burden on the patient so it proves that government health care sucks.’ Wrong again. The ad states, and has the gaul to do so in writing, that “Washington wants to bring Canadian-style health care” and adds, in voiceover only, “…to the US.” Neither President Obama nor any of the other Senators or Representatives have proposed a plan for a single-payer, completely government-run health care system. What most Americans are demanding is simply a public option, just like those same officials have themselves.

And the reality of a public option? Nothing changes except someone else foots the bill. You manage your health, go to the doctors you do now or would want to in the future, and the system covers it.

So once again we learn that the sky isn’t falling and there’s no reason to be afraid of the public option. Ignorance is the only enemy in this debate and talk like this spreads dangerous lies that can result in many, many Americans going bankrupt and/or losing their lives if we don’t act now to provide them with reasonable health care. My mother is one of those people.

I am my brother’s keeper. Are you?

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Posted by on August 6, 2009 in Government, Health


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