>Republican Health Care Horror Show

21 Jun


Be frozen in your fear of every imagined scenario of what could go wrong instead of being rational about how we can overcome the challenges we face. And assume everything will go as absolutely horrible as possible. No real change is better than any progress, apparently.

I used to hate the phrase “fear monger” when it was used against conservatives but once I got out of knee-jerk defense mode and looked at my enemy’s argument more closely, and then re-examined my own, I saw how apt the word is.

Also, Pat Robertson (who appears in the vid) has done a lot of good for humanity through his charity work but he’s done this country no good by helping to perpetuate a very hypocritical and distinctly conservative American version of Christianity.

You know what scares the hell out of me? The idea of Sarah Palin getting more support from my old party and holding any more powerful office than her governorship. That’s really scary. She’s a dumber female version of good ol’ W.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

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