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>Loot-O-Tron 3000 (aka Fallout 3)

i separate heads. super mutant heads, in the capital wasteland. this illustration by jimmy giegerich is almost like unofficial fallout 3 art. i have reached over 60 hours in the main game now (haven’t started broken steel but got it to raise the level cap). i don’t think i’ve ever played any game over 60 hours in my life. and that is saying something. multiple things actually.

well, except maybe for x-com ufo defense in 8th grade. i was voluntarily home-schooled (everyone assumes your parents are crazy and they force you into it, it was exactly the opposite for my sister and i) for the first half of 8th grade. i guess i got bored of doing school work until 1pm, and then playing x-com until 7pm every day. for reals. my mom thought i was learning computer programming. which i did have to do to get the game to run – autoexec.bat, himem.sys…those were the days.

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>I’m Good at Tetris! Rice!


Condoleezza Rice the Barbarian.

[Thanks, Dave]

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