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UPDATE: This…is…a scam


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>TED Talk – Scott McCloud on the Next Form of Comics


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>Our Oceans Are Filled with Plastic


I don’t care if you’re convinced that others make a bigger deal out of pollution than it merits or if you think you know about the plastic bottle problem – this video will convince you otherwise.

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>How To: Upgrade Your Mac’s Hard Drive (including Boot Camp)


  1. Convert your Boot Camp partition to NTFS (if it’s FAT32) from a command prompt (within XP) by entering “convert c: /FS:NTFS” (say ‘no’ to unmount and ‘yes’ to conversion at next restart). Restart.
  2. Install WinClone and make an Image of your Boot Camppartition (I saved the image to my ~/Documents folder – it compressed it to half it’s actual size of 15GB)
  3. Shutdown all programs on your Mac and disconnect from the web (don’t want some auto-update running by mistake)
  4. Mount the new drive to the Mac inside of an enclosure unit (you can re-purpose your existing backup drive possibly) and format it (use “Applications >> Utilities >> Disk Utility”. Select the new drive (which shouldn’t be formatted yet if new) and choose “Erase” with the default setting of “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)).
  5. Use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the data and make the new drive bootable (took about 3 hours)
  6. Shut down Mac and install new HDD
  7. Boot up Mac with new HDD (if it was a slow bootup the first time – see next step)
  8. If you’re having slow bootups from the recent restore:
    • Go into “System Preferences >> Startup Disk”, select the new drive, and restart (your bootup will be much faster now).
  9. Boot into the Mac the second time and then load Boot Camp (from Applications folder) and created a new 32GB partition for your Windows OS (or whatever size you want), and DO NOT reboot, choose Install later.
  10. Load WinClone and restore the image made in step 2 and restore it to the new parttion made by Boot Camp.

[Thanks to Jeff and Fred and the awesome software Winclone and Carbon Copy Cloner)


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>IPhone Updates: Not 1, Not 2, but Thousands


Apple, you overwhelm me, sirs.

-Push notifications (FINALLY, instant messaging isn’t useless on the iPhone)
-Turn-by-Turn GPS navigation
-Stereo bluetooth
-landscape keyboard in all apps
-Universal search + Spotlight Home screen
-YouTube accounts
-Auto-fill (no more typing my email address on teh keyboard all da time!)
-and on and on and on

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>Gervais + Elmo = Hilarity on ‘Sesame Street’


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>BodyWorld by Dash Shaw – Best Web Comic Evargh

This is some grade-A shit, boys and girls. Weird, funny, pretty – it’s got it all. If it were a person, I would lock it in my closet and never let it out except to run my fingers over its precious, paneled skin.

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>Jon Stewart Eviscerates CNBC and Rick Santelli – March 4, 2009


Ah the wonderful nature of unregulated free-market capitalism. The system has failed, long live the system!

And fuck homeowners.

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>New Sunset Television!!! Episode 3: Prime!! Time

Night Runner from Sunset Television on Vimeo.

Full episode here, and it’s got great sound production

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