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>Twilight Zone Mannequin


This scary looking mannequin comes alive in the episode “The After
Hours.” I’ve got to find me one of these old ski masks, how
terrifying. Ever notice how close that word is to ‘terrific?’ I have, just now.

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>Escape From City 17 – Part One


Wow, impressive Half-Life 2 fan film. Imagine what they could do with an actual budget.

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>Cleveland: Windows Powered and Sucking


First thing I saw after "deplaning" in Cleveland: Vista on one of
Continental's service desk machines. The second thing, this terminal
directory. Windows should be banned from commercial use.

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>The Old Man and the Tire


This guy was behind a store on 50 flipping a tire end-to-end, World’s-Strongest-Man style across the back lot. He had on bright blue sweater pants and paced exhaustedly after each flip. Not sure if he really thinks he could try out for the Strongest Man competition – which is obviously delusional since he isn’t built anywhere near what he would need to be – or if he is just really creative with his exercise routines.

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>Google Earth 5.0 – Now with More Water


“Explore the Ocean with Google Earth version 5.0”

I take a lot of things for granted these days but when something like this comes, something that I didn’t even think was missing ( and I’m Google Earth certified! ) I can’t help but realize how much damn information is available to anyone that can get online. Google is certainly not slowing down on its mission to catalog the world’s information.

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>Stimulus Passes in Senate – Fucking Finally


The Times described the plan as:

“…sprawling in its reach, with tax cuts for individuals, families and businesses, assistance for jobless and low income Americans, aid to states, and huge spending on education, healthcare, energy and technology.”

Thank God.

Now that we’re off to a good start, we’ve got to get the next stimulus passed swiftly so that we can avoid the mistakes of Japan in the 90s who’s recovery wouldn’t have been called “The Lost Decade” if they had only followed up with more government aid.

Here’s to hoping that more people get on board with this so that it’s not such an uphill battle next time, although I fear it could be more difficult.

Suck it you ignorant Republican hacks. Even Charlie Crist can see what’s needed, quoted in that same piece as saying:

“This is not about partisan politics, it’s about rising above that.”

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>To Stimulate or Not to Stimulate…

The more I read about our own country’s history of recessions and stimulus programs, the more I think we’re doing exactly the right thing, if even on too small a scale. History has shown that during recessions if the government withholds stimulus funding, or delays it, the economy almost always suffers. And the severity of that suffering seems to relate directly to the length of delay or lack of adequate funding.

There’s a very interesting article up on the Times site about Japan’s “lost decade,” where the collapse of the real estate market there at the end of the 80s led to a major economic recession in the 90s. The author interviews Japanese officials and experts on both sides of the coin (from ‘it was a total waste’ to ‘it was very effective’), in addition to American experts on the topic and on our current crisis. Here are the most revealing findings:

“After years of heavy spending in the first half of the 1990s, economists say, Japan’s leaders grew concerned about growing budget deficits and cut back too soon, snuffing out the recovery in its infancy, much as Roosevelt did to the American economy in 1936.”


“Dr. Ihori said the United States appeared to be striking a better balance by investing in new energy and information-technology infrastructure as well as replacing aging infrastructure.”

It seems the the consensus among experts is to deliver the stimulus, and much more after it, to lift our economy. And to spend the money wisely on things needed in the future (health care, social security) instead of relying too much on public works. Although our infrastructure is in much worse shape than even rural Japan’s in the 90s.

[Image credit: New Statesman]

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>1959 CBS Station ID


I snagged this off of the end of an early Twilight Zone episode (Perchance to Dream). This is also the episode Bob Kane (creator of Batman) got the idea for Catwoman, as played by Suzanne Lloyd, daughter of Harold Lloyd a famous silent era comedian and prolific photographer. Seems Harold Lloyd even made 3D nude photographs of young Hollywood wannabe-starlets like Betty Page.

It’s history, look it up.

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>1981 primitive Internet report


Hey, I think they’re talking about US

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>Tanya Tagaq – Live


Tanya Tagac performs in a traditional Inuit (Eskimo) “throat singing” style. These singers typically sing in pairs, facing each other from a very close distance. It’s seems very bizarre but as you listen to more (especially of Tanya) you notice the basic rhythms and differences in performers.

Tanya was “discovered” by Bjork and was featured on her amazing Medulla album. I didn’t hear about her until she was recently featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast.

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