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>Tentacle Grape

…the soda. For real.

“The most delicious hentai soda on the market.”

Also the only hentai soda on the market.

You’ve gotta admit that’s pretty clever. Although awful, only a degenerate would endorse such a thing. I’ve pre-ordered a six-pack. I’ll report back. I do love grape soda…

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>Russian Professor Foresees End of USA in 2010


I was actually allowing myself to take his theory seriously until this part:

“Around the end of June 2010…the U.S. will break into six pieces – with Alaska reverting to Russian control.”

Heh. He’d like that I bet. Alaskans would probably fight to the death before ceding control to Russia. And that’s assuming they’d be on their own.

But nothing unites us Americans better than an outside threat. We saw it during the big wars and after 9/11.

The rest of the theory is just nuts: California being under Chinese control? Canada taking everything north of New Mexico? New England joing the European Union (although that one is the only barely plausible theory)? And Texas being absorbed into Mexico? Realy?!

If Alaskans would fight off Russion dominance vehemently, I can’t imagine what Texans would do when the Mexican guard shows up. I give them 2 days at the most before giving up. I mean they have guns with cameras mounted to trees that allow people to hunt over the Internet there, these are not submissive people.

Thankfully a lot of Prof. Panarin’s peers in Russia and most political experts in the rest of the world think he’s a quack. All it takes to see this is one look at his predicted map of how things will end up:

[Source: WSJ]

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>Breaking News: 30GB Zunes Dyed Everywhere near Midnight

According to Gizmodo, the official Microsoft Zune forum and several of the Zune fan forums, ALL 30GB Zune models started dying shortly after Midnight last night.

There’s a lot of speculation as to why this is happening and Microsoft has not provided a solution (to be fair it’s only 6:45am in Redmond, WA). They also apparently played a message on their Zune support phone system saying that they weren’t taking calls due to inclimate weather. What a bunch of BS, just admit that you’re overwhelmed with calls, that’s not unheard of.

It is fascinating though that every 30GB Zune would fail across the US all at the same time.

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>RLSH: Directory of "Real" Superheros


Polar Man’s profile from the superhero directory:

“Polar Man shovels elders’ steps and walkways, entertains children and prowls the streets some nights keeping an eye out for vandals

He models himself after a figure in an Inuit legend, an unknown white man, who provided food and clothing to people in need.”

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>Merry Christmas from the Ericksons


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>White Squirrel


[photo credit: charsee]

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>Scooter Bob Rambo


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>Wii Drum High

Wii Drum High Tutorial from Zhao He on Vimeo.

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Got my Xbox back. Watching Netflix videos on my TV with this makes me
all warm and gooey inside.

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>70’s Spiderman (Live Action)


Why does he look like a creepy pedophile? It takes him forever to climb up a building, what an idiot!

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