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>The Count: Censored


There seems to be a lot of these on YouTube but this is the best I’ve seen so far.

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>A Snowman, an Octopus, the Weiner Dog and the Penguin


Have you seen TV lately?? It's amazing…


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>Left 4 Bed


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>New Hatred, New Header


Check out da new header.

Unfortunately it's not just for fun, I earnestly abhor them.

I can't brig myself to even finish the first episode of season three.
Seriously. I cried already. I'm spent. .

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>Shape of my heart


[thx ‘please go easy on me’]

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>Not Again…


My Xbox died today. For the second time. I really think Microsoft's
console that could has better games (and looks) going for it but what
does it matter if you can't play them?

Supposedly they'll be sending me a new one this time instead of trying
to fix it but I'll believe that when I see it.

Anybody wanna play in a Trivial Pursuit tournament for the next couple
of weeks?


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>Asus Eee PC on Sale at Target


These things are really starting to hit the mainstream. A small and
very light computer that costs as much as little as some iPods is
tempting, especially in this economic climate.

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>Several Things I Discovered about Obama


Obama is such a down-to-earth guy and this list of 50 Facts You Might Not Know has some very interesting things in it. I’m particularly impressed with these:

  • He collects Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics
  • He has read every Harry Potter book
  • He can speak Spanish
  • His favourite book is Moby Dick
  • His favourite films are Casablanca and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • He enjoys Scrabble and poker
  • He doesn’t drink coffee (that’s how us REAL outcasts roll these days)
  • He uses a Mac laptop
  • His favourite TV dramas are Mash and The Wire
  • His favourite artist is Picasso

Some interesting stuff, no? I kept the British spelling in tact form the original article.

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>Heavy Metal: Sunset Television: Episode: Deuce

Episode 2 (Heavy Metal) from Sunset Television on Vimeo.

it excites yur brain stem

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>CNN Hologram – First time on TV


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