>Neo-McCarthyism Boiling Over

23 Oct


“Liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.”
-Representative Hayes of North Carolina [source]

“I firmly believe the Democratic majority wants the American public to
suffer and to hurt.”
-Representative Kuhl from New York [source]

Welcome to Neo-McCarthyism. Fear and hate is the order of the day. It’s another witch hunt for those members of our society and government that are liberal commie pinkos, bent on the destruction of our society.

Let’s not kid ourselves: we already have “socialism.” We have government funded health care for children in most states, we have a federal library system and we pay property taxes to pay for state-run schools. Socialism is actually a very Christian ideal (Acts 2:44-45), but regardless, no one is trying to turn America into a communist state, just create some other badly-needed social programs. Our “free market” system is not even close to a true free market, and it’s largely failing us now.

I work, achieve and believe in God and make less than $250,000/year. Obama is a Christian with one house and a car or two. That’s big part of why I’m voting for him, he truly understands and supports people like me. I want the American public to have affordable, quality health care and better wages and job security. Only Obama has a real and dynamic plan to significantly improve these problems.

If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. McCarthyism from the ’50s was an embrassing time for our nation. Let’s not revisit that.

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Posted by on October 23, 2008 in Family and Friends, Government


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