>McCain’s Slum Tactics

23 Oct


McCain has previously denounced vile baseless personal attacks on Obama several times before. When supporters at a town hall meeting in Minnesota a few weeks ago called Obama a terrorist, John McCain defended Barack an indicated that he was a good man and would make a good president.

Then the Republicans send out something like this. Baseless garbage.

Let’s be very clear about one thing right now: Barack Obama is NOT a terrorist.

The fact that anyone has to even indicate that is ridiculous. He was about 6 years old when William Ayers was setting off bombs. William Ayers has not been involved in those activities for decades and certainly not any time while he served on an education board with Barack. This is a complete distraction, based on only a shred of truth.

And while we’re at it, let’s erase some other ignorance disseminated by the right wing:

  • Barack Obama is not Muslim
  • Barack’s track record is extremely consistent with the values he promotes
  • Obama is much more a common man than John McCain (McCain married into a wealthy beer family, owns more houses than he can count and is funded big time by oil companies)
  • Barack will only raise taxes on the extremely rich but provide significant tax cuts to anyone making under $250,000/year (McCain will barely decrease taxes on 89% of Americans)
  • Obama would not dismantle our existing private health care system (although I wish he would) but would ADD a government-funded option

You should be voting for the candidate you think has the best policies, regardless of his or her opposition. I am voting for the O-man primarily because I believe in his vision for America and what is needed to catch up with the other industrialized nations in terms of our economy, work force, infrastructure, health care and everything else – not because I think John McCain is so terrible.

It’s infuriating that the Republicans continue to use smear tactics to win campaigns instead of simply promoting their candidate’s policies. They put fear into people’s minds based on half-truths and outright lies and deception. Even Karl Rove has said that the McCain campaign has gone overboard in using slum politics.

That’s why the Republicans are referred to as ‘fear-mongers,’ since they don’t so much promote their candidate as they incite fear about the opposition. That’s the wrong way to win and the wrong way to vote.

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