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>Spread the Wealth: Socialism or Fundamental Capitalism?

In his 1776 treatise on Capitalism, which is studied in classrooms across America and serves as one of the foundations upon which we modeled our free market system, Adam Smith wrote:

“The necessaries of life occasion the great expense of the poor. . . . The luxuries and vanities of life occasion the principal expense of the rich, and a magnificent house embellishes and sets off to the best advantage all the other luxuries and vanities which they possess. . . . It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion.”

The rich paying more according to the fact that they can, for the benefit of the poor and middle class, is 100% necessary to maintain our middle class, the life-blood of any healthy capitalist economy.


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>George Washington


32 penises…nice. Does this sound like Ween or what?

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>There Will Be Blood


…right except on Health Care – for the first time ever.

This would put a great strain on business owners and employees both. He talks about competition across state borders a lot, and that’s a good start, but he doesn’t say as much about his plan to tax employers and individuals on their health care.

This will force a lot of businesses to be unable to afford providing it to their employees and as individuals we’d be taxed at our salary + health care benefits. What a moronic idea. Only someone paid off by health insurance lobbyists would support such a backwards idea.

Find out how many people in your state will be at risk in losing their health care.
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>Why Obama Would be so Bad for America


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>Neo-McCarthyism Boiling Over


“Liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.”
-Representative Hayes of North Carolina [source]

“I firmly believe the Democratic majority wants the American public to
suffer and to hurt.”
-Representative Kuhl from New York [source]

Welcome to Neo-McCarthyism. Fear and hate is the order of the day. It’s another witch hunt for those members of our society and government that are liberal commie pinkos, bent on the destruction of our society.

Let’s not kid ourselves: we already have “socialism.” We have government funded health care for children in most states, we have a federal library system and we pay property taxes to pay for state-run schools. Socialism is actually a very Christian ideal (Acts 2:44-45), but regardless, no one is trying to turn America into a communist state, just create some other badly-needed social programs. Our “free market” system is not even close to a true free market, and it’s largely failing us now.

I work, achieve and believe in God and make less than $250,000/year. Obama is a Christian with one house and a car or two. That’s big part of why I’m voting for him, he truly understands and supports people like me. I want the American public to have affordable, quality health care and better wages and job security. Only Obama has a real and dynamic plan to significantly improve these problems.

If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. McCarthyism from the ’50s was an embrassing time for our nation. Let’s not revisit that.

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>McCain’s Slum Tactics


McCain has previously denounced vile baseless personal attacks on Obama several times before. When supporters at a town hall meeting in Minnesota a few weeks ago called Obama a terrorist, John McCain defended Barack an indicated that he was a good man and would make a good president.

Then the Republicans send out something like this. Baseless garbage.

Let’s be very clear about one thing right now: Barack Obama is NOT a terrorist.

The fact that anyone has to even indicate that is ridiculous. He was about 6 years old when William Ayers was setting off bombs. William Ayers has not been involved in those activities for decades and certainly not any time while he served on an education board with Barack. This is a complete distraction, based on only a shred of truth.

And while we’re at it, let’s erase some other ignorance disseminated by the right wing:

  • Barack Obama is not Muslim
  • Barack’s track record is extremely consistent with the values he promotes
  • Obama is much more a common man than John McCain (McCain married into a wealthy beer family, owns more houses than he can count and is funded big time by oil companies)
  • Barack will only raise taxes on the extremely rich but provide significant tax cuts to anyone making under $250,000/year (McCain will barely decrease taxes on 89% of Americans)
  • Obama would not dismantle our existing private health care system (although I wish he would) but would ADD a government-funded option

You should be voting for the candidate you think has the best policies, regardless of his or her opposition. I am voting for the O-man primarily because I believe in his vision for America and what is needed to catch up with the other industrialized nations in terms of our economy, work force, infrastructure, health care and everything else – not because I think John McCain is so terrible.

It’s infuriating that the Republicans continue to use smear tactics to win campaigns instead of simply promoting their candidate’s policies. They put fear into people’s minds based on half-truths and outright lies and deception. Even Karl Rove has said that the McCain campaign has gone overboard in using slum politics.

That’s why the Republicans are referred to as ‘fear-mongers,’ since they don’t so much promote their candidate as they incite fear about the opposition. That’s the wrong way to win and the wrong way to vote.

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>McCain’s Stunning Lack of Tech Support


Wired has done the legwork in getting a debate together on technology policy between the McCain and Obama camps. McCain’s senior domestic policy adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin will be going up against former FCC chair Reed Hundt.

It was apparently very difficult to find a leading technology expert that supports McCain’s technology policies, or lack thereof. You see, McCain doesn’t have much of a technology platform. According to Kevin Werbach,

“…McCain sees no need for the President to address issues like Internet
openness, …online privacy, and transparent government. On technology, the
contrast between the two candidates isn’t a disagreement over policies; it’s a
disagreement over whether to have policies.”


McCain has indicated he feels strongly that entrepreneurs are the great drivers of innovation and growth. But almost none seem to support him. The majority of tech industry supporters of McCain are apparently only managers.

The list of leading tech entrepreneurs who support McCain:

  • Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers
  • Marc Benioff, founder of
    (although he has donated money to Obama’s campaign as well and not made an official statement supporting either)

The list of leading tech entrepreneurs who support Obama:

  • Stuart Benjamin, Professor of Law, Duke University
  • Robert Blackwell, Founder and CEO, Electronic Knowledge Interchange Consulting
  • Joseph Farrell, Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley;
  • Chief Economist, Federal Communications Commission (1996-97);
  • Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economics (chief economist), Antitrust Division, U.S.
  • Department of Justice (2000-02)
  • Lloyd Frink, President and Co-Founder, Zillow
  • Julius Genachowski, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Rock Creek Ventures;
  • former Chief of Business Operations & General Counsel, IAC/InterActiveCorp;
  • former Chief Counsel to FCC Chairman Reed Hundt
  • Don Gips, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Level 3 Communications;
  • former Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to Vice President Gore
  • Rob Glaser, Founder and CEO, Real Networks
  • Mark Gorenberg, Managing Director, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners
  • Nick Hanauer, Partner, Second Avenue Partners; Founder, aQuantive
  • Adam Hanft, Founder and CEO, Hanft Unlimited
  • Reed Hundt, Former Chairman, Federal Communications Commission (1993-97)
  • Mitch Kapor, President, Kapor Enterprises; Founder, Lotus Development Corp.
  • Jed Katz, Managing Director, DFJ Gotham Ventures
  • Michael Katz, Professor, NYU and UC Berkeley; former Chief Economist, FCC;
  • former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Economics (chief economist), Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice
  • William Kennard, Former Chairman, Federal Communications Commission (1997-2001)
  • Deborah Lathen, President, Lathen Consulting; former Chief, Cable Bureau, FCC
  • Steve Lerner, Managing Partner, Blue Hill Group
  • Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law, Stanford University
  • Blair Levin, Managing Director, Stifel Nicholas; former Chief of Staff, FCC
  • Andrew McLaughlin, Director, Global Public Policy and Government Affairs, Google
  • Ted Meisel, Elevation Partners
  • Jon Miller, Former Chairman and CEO, American Online, Inc.
  • Glenn Neland, Retired Senior Vice President, Dell
  • Robert Nelsen, Managing Director and Co-Founder, ARCH Venture Partners
  • Craig Newmark, Founder, Craigslist
  • Beth Noveck, Professor of Law, New York Law School
  • Chamath Palihapitiya, Executive Vice President, Product and Operations, Facebook
  • Deven Parekh, Partner, Insight Venture Partners
  • Sunil Paul, Founding Partner, Spring Ventures; Co-Founder, Brightmail
  • John Place, Retired General Counsel, Yahoo!, Inc.
  • Jeff Pulver, Founder,
  • Arti Rai, Professor of Law, Duke University
  • John Roos, CEO, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • Alec Ross, Senior Vice President, One Economy
  • Kim Scott, AdSense Director of Online Sales and Operations, Google
  • Carl Shapiro, Professor of Business Strategy, UC Berkeley; Deputy Assistant
  • Attorney General for Economics (chief economist), Antitrust Division, U.S.
  • Department of Justice (1995-96)
  • Howard Shelanski, Professor of Law, UC Berkeley; former Chief Economist, FCC
  • Steven Spinner, Executive, Danoo
  • Phil Weiser, Professor of Law and Telecommunications, University of Colorado
  • Kevin Werbach, Asst. Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • Tom Wheeler, Managing Director, Core Capital Partners
  • Tim Wu, Professor of Law, Columbia University
  • Ed Zander, CEO, Motorola

…and Obama’s list of supporters is almost a year old.

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>An Update from Ari

[edited for length]

Ari Gronning

Oct 20, 2008 3:34 PM

Just a little update

Hello, all! I just wanted to give you a peek into some of the things that I have been busy with lately, and hopefully some of the things yet to come!

Most recently I have been researching the correlation between Bic pens and the migration patterns of Canadian geese. To be truthful, it is far less exciting than the title would lead you to believe. Basically, as the use of Bic pens increases, the further the migration routes used by geese drift to the east. I suspect that I will find the cause of this once I further research election cycles.

I am also in the planning stages of a prime-time sitcom, “What’s up now?” I don’t have very much at this time, again, only in the planning stages. I allowed myself to ask the daring question, “What happens when a 4th generation florist falls into the world of underground espionage and mixed-martial arts street fighting? Will she wilt, or will we find out that this, Rose, not only has her thorns, but teeth as well?” Just writing about it makes me giddy; I cannot wait to give you the answers! Stay tuned!

So yeah, sorry that I have been out of touch. As you can tell, I have been up to my cute button nose with work and life. I truly hope that you are all doing well, and I would love to hear from you!

Majestically yours,
-Ari Gronning

erik erickson

Oct 21, 2008 4:12 PM

Re: Just a little update

This is one of the best emails I’ve read in a while…*sob* It’s going to be that much harder to kill you…

ari gronning

Oct 21, 2008 4:26 PM

Re: Just a little update

Yeah, I was just thinking about that, too. “Doesn’t Erik want to kill me? Or is it *need* to kill me? I can never remember, despite that poorly placed reminder tattooed on my back.”

All of your sobbing reminds me of a particularly wet & rainy day on the eastern seaboard several years ago. I was with my mistress at the time, Helga. A lovely woman of Peruvian descent. She smelled of lilacs in the summer, and barley in the winter, and had a sense of adventure to match. On this particular day, though, she had managed to get her parasol wet. “Leave it,” I exclaimed, “no woman should have to bear the bourdon of a wet parasol,” I explained. It proved to be marvelous day. Remind me, when we see each other next, and I shall produce for you pictures of my Latina flower, Helga. Delight will be yours, I suspect.

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>Phone Sheep


[thx, Jean]
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>Obama Roasts McCain at Al Smith Dinner


It’s good to know that amidst the ridiculous lies and exaggerations coming at the O-man from McCain’s camp that they can both enjoy some light-hearted ribbing.

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