>McCain Whines About "Gotcha Journalism;" Defends Campaign’s Doublespeak

30 Sep


I’m no big fan of Katie Couric. I always thought she was the Palin of her profession: her limited experience in “serious” journalism, having mostly dealt with “soft” news and morning-show-type inteviews, seemed to hurt her ability to handle hard news stories and big-time interviews with major politicians. And that’s what it was like for the first part of her switch.

Now, however, she seems unafraid to ask the hard questions , putting many of her high-profile interviewees on the spot. When she interviewed Sarah Palin for CBS recently, near the UN buidling in Atlanta (I think that’s where it was), she pulled no punches in questioning Palin’s credibility as VP contender and calling her out on public statements made about her lack of foreign policy experience.

In a joint interview with McCain and Palin, Couric presents the same hard line of questioning but McCain jumps in to defend and speak for Palin. What’s the matter, need a big man to protect you from the mean journalists and real questions? McCain repeatedly whined that Couric was employing “gotcha journalism” which seems ridiculous. You say something publicly, as in Palin’s comments about attacking Pakistan, that goes against your running mate’s and campaign’s official line, you’re going to get asked why you’re not on the same page.

There’s no tricks or underhanded dealing going on here, it’s a legitimate and straightforward question. But I shouldn’t be surprised since that’s the republican’s main campaigning tactic: undermine the credibility of those who oppose you (see the illustration below), nevermind how grossly hypocritical it may be to do so. So they are trying to discredit Couric’s interviews with this ridiculous notion that her questioning was unreasonable.

It seems the American public is smarter than John McCain gives them credit for, and I hope this is proven in November.

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