>McCain’s Technology Policy: The Opposite of "Free Market"

24 Sep



Did you know that John McCain believes that ISPs should be able to choose who has access to what on the Internet, even allowing ISPs to charge extra for “premium” services such as watching videos or downloading music?

It’s true.

He’s kind of a douchebag when it comes to technology. He knows very little about it (admitted he doesn’t use email) yet has been in a position controlling it since the 90s.

The worst part is that he espouses this belief under the guise of a “free market” approach. What really happens when you don’t enforce Net Neutrality (the belief that everyone should be provided full access to the Internet they pay for) is that the ISPs become dictators. Consumers lose their freedom to choose.

Power removed from the common person and placed in the hands of big companies to control their actions is fascism. Really, it’s pretty simple.

That’s not “free market” at all.

(Video from Stanford Law Professor, frequent Wired magazine contributor and general authority on technology law, Lawrence Lessig that explains plainly what the effects of McCain’s technology policy have had for the last 7 years and will have in the future if elected President.)

[Thanks for the link, Milly and for showing me this whole “web log” thing]

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