>Some Context from Will Eisner

14 Sep


“This is a moment of great importance. You know, we used to feel very much like a Mama Rabbit and a Daddy Rabbit, who were running around, being chased by a bunch of dogs. They dove into a hole and the Mama Rabbit is quivering. She’s saying, “Oh, this is terrible. We’re doomed.” The Daddy Rabbit says, “No, don’t worry about it. We’ll stay here, and in half an hour, we’ll outnumber them.” [laughter] I always think of that when people ask me how I felt about all those years of so-called struggle—sooner or later, we’ll outnumber them, and I think we’re outnumbering them now.”

-Will Eisner, in his Keynote address to a University of Florida (Gainesville) crowd at the ‘Will Eisner Symposium’ there in 2002 (I can’t believe I missed that!)

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Posted by on September 14, 2008 in Comics


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