>iPhone Apps – My Favs

28 Aug

> – This isn’t a native app (although I think one is coming) but it deserves a WebClip (Home Screen icon). The iPhone-optimized version of has the best internet radio stations. My favorites are Ill Street Lounge and Lush although I switch it up day-to-day.

WeatherBug – replace the stock weather app with this. Now. You won’t regret it. Much more info like wind speed, humidity, radar overview and webcam feeds. Sooo much better than Yahoo’s app (the built-in one).

Annotater – My favorite app for reading comics on the iPhone. It was created for reading huge PDF files that students and people in the medical profession could bookmark and annotate, which would then be synced back to the original PDF on the user’s PC. This means that it’s robust enough to handle large PDFs like those with images. Combined with an OS X app called “Jomic” that converts CBR and CBZ files to PDF, it’s a great little tool. Reading comics is still faster and easier with my Nintendo DS but again, that requires a whole seperate device and transferring files to it isn’t as easy as wtih Annotater. It remembers exactly where you were the last time you opened each comic (specific zoomed-in area).

UrbanSpoon and Yelp – I use UrbanSpoon to get ideas of where to eat and Yelp to read the reviews.

Dashbuster (free version) – Allows me to re-order my Netflix queue after I send each movie back. I almost never like the order they’re in so this is nice. The paid version allows you to also add movies to your queue but since I have like 167 movies already on it, I don’t need to be adding any more.

Simplify Media – This is currently free but only for a limited time. This app communicates with the free Simplify Media desktop software and allows you to listen to your entire iTunes library from anywhere, even on Edge. Great for those moments where you really want to hear something that you haven’t synced to your phone.

MochaVNC – View your home computer’s screen (or work PC) and control the mouse and keyboard remotely with this app. Combined with, it’s a great setup. If you find that it’s crashing a lot, see if you have the MySpace or AIM apps installed, I’ve heard some reports of removing those apps helping to stablize phones. I use this to control Bittorrent downloads when away from home.

NetShare – Not available from the App store anymore but this app from NullRiver allows you to use your iPhone to tether to your laptop to surf the web using it’s internet connection. Even EDGE wasn’t so bad with this app. It completely kills your battery though. As in I watched my battery meter drain as I used it. Hopefully they will work out whatever issues that caused it to be pulled so everyone can do what they should be allowed to do for the $30/mo. data plan.


Aurora Feint – Puzzle/RPG hybrid that’s lots of fun and uses the accelerometer

Cookie Solitaire – Chelsea is now addicted to this game. It’s like marathon solitaire. Very fun.

Crosswords – I am a big Crossword person and this app is very nice. Not as easy-to-use as Crosswords for the DS but at least I don’t need a whole separate device for it.
Scribble – Not a game but as fun as one. Draw on your pictures stored on your iPhone.

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  1. Mark

    August 29, 2008 at 8:22 am

    >YES! I have most of those but simplify media is what I was looking for!


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