>Tense scene from the Antique’s Roadshow

12 Aug


H: I've got this old-looking statuette of what looks like the Michelin Man mascot, from the tire company. My wife found it at a yard sale for a song.

T: yes, indeed this is the Michelin Man from the company. Michelin Is a  tire company who has had this interesting creature in their ads for a long time. He used to be always with a cigar in his mouth.

H: yes, I know, I'm aware Michelin is a tire company, hence the layers the little guy is made of.  I've seen those old ads, you see I'm somewhat of an amateur curator of old newspapers from around the world.

T: oh well, you've got a rare one here. Michelin is a French company-

H: yes, I know they're French-

T: well this is certainly quite a find, we don't see many antiques from old French tire companies.

H: So what do you think we're looking at here?

T: an odd bit, from Michelin, the French tire compan-

H: yeah, I get it, they're French, I'm well aware-

T: pardon the repetiion, I thought you asked-

H: no, I mean what it's worth, do you know what this might fetch?

T: well certainly it is unique, it's not everyday I see a French tire maker-

H: yes, Ted, I know that Michelin is French and they make tires. What is it worth?

T: excuse me, there's no need for hostility.  

H: say French again, or tire company, I dare you.

T: (wide-eyed) I can't know for sure but maybe…mmm…

H: <sigh><head cocked back, staring at ceiling> You're a real douchebag, Ted.


Erik via iPhone

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