>John McBush’s Flip-Flops: Tax Cuts

26 Jul

In an effort to collect the various stances mr. McCain has done 180’s on since entering the running for the presidency, I’m going to start a series of posts following this format. One of the main things those on the right use to recommend this candidate are his supposed rigid consistency in voting on various issues. Since this is a complete fallacy I intend to offer up real evidence to the contrary that I regularly discover through articles throughout the web.

Up first is the reality of his lack of a consistent stand on tax cuts. From The Economist (emphasis mine):

“Gone are Mr McCain’s long-standing worries about the wisdom of cutting taxes at the top. Instead he now offers the traditional Republican recipe for growth: tax cuts, freer markets and minimal government. Though he opposed George Bush’s tax cuts, he now wants to make them permanent and add more.”

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