>Wired: Drug Companies Get Healthy, but at Whose Expense?

24 Jul

My new theory is that the “free market” solutions American Republicans and Libertarians squawk about all the time, and to which I used to subscribe until very recently, are not free market or truly capitalistic at all and actually lead to a form of totalitarianism all its own, to a small degree. We’re being screwed while at the same time being told real Capitalism is at play which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Exhibit A in this case is the health care companies in this country. They don’t have to compete across state borders which would certainly increase the quality and decrease the cost of healthcare overall while still providing jobs and worse, don’t have to price their drugs based on typical market factors and instead charge whatever they feel like, regardless of the disconnect with their market and the harm they do to their consumers.

See this article for a very specific example of this.

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