>Notes from the iPocalypse

13 Jul


Notes scraped from forums and blog comments on 7/11 that got me through the 5 hour ordeal:

I just got off of the phone with iPhone tech support. (had to use my landline!)

After a 20 minute wait, I got to talk to Ashley. She said there are 1100 people on hold and everyone she talked to so far is having the same “accessing iTunes” problem.

She said DO NOT disconnect your phone. Intead, when you get the message saying it timed out, click ok. Then click on any other heading, Music for example, in your itunes. Then go back and click on your iPhone icon.

Keep doing this repeatedly to keep your place in line.

I did this for the past 10 minutes STRAIGHT through and I am now done!!! Honest to god! I dont know how to do screen shots or whatever, but I’m done.

Originally Posted by nxfxcom View Post
Hello NewSc2,

i can not get it back to 1.1.4 , it either coan not connect to the resource or gives me error 20,
any help out there would be appreciated!

I just want to get it back to version 1.1.4 (Was a mistake to get the 2.0 to early)

Thank you
Do you have iTunes 7.7?

Basically, when I tried updating with the botched 2.0 firmware, it kept giving me an error message, so I tried restoring with the botched 2.0 firmware, and then the “plug to iTunes” graphic showed up on my iPhone, and when I plugged it into iTunes, iTunes would tell me that my phone was in firmware restore mode (or something like that, firmware archive, etc.).

I just clicked “restore” from there. (no option-clicking or anything). And it restored back to 1.1.4. From there I option-clicked and downloaded the correct firmware 2.0 (using Firefox), and that worked.

Be sure to sync your phone if you find yourself with an updated phone to back up all your contacts.

You might need to restart your computer for some things to update correctly.

EDIT: I didn’t need to download the 1.1.4 firmware anywhere. iTunes should automatically have it.
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