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>Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

>In case you missed it, they’re showing it for free on Hulu again, all in one condensed clip:

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>Introducing: VirtualBox

>Well that’s nifty. Sun apparently purchased a Virtual Machine developer (Innotek) and is now releasing the fruits of their work for free. I was reticent to purchase either VMWare Fusion or Parallels (the two most popular VM apps) to run my (legitimate) copy of Windows XP (No really, I bought it) on my still-fairly-new MacBook. Yay! It appears to support a “seamless” mode, just like the other two, but I’m not sure yet if it has true multi-monitor support, which I definitely must have. Although since it’s supposedly open source, someone might add that feature very soon (if it’s really not there yet). And this is what makes it truly awesome for more than the fact it saves me $70 (or whatever those expensive VM apps are going for these days): there will be a community supporting it.

Click the link below for a screenshot of XP running inside of OS X, among others:

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>McCain Sold to Big Oil


Standing before a room of oil company executives in June, John McCain flip-flopped and declared support for coastal oil drilling. Now the Washington Post is reporting that, within days, oil and gas execs ponied up nearly $1 million to elect McCain.1 It’s another piece of evidence that in a McCain White House, oil companies will call the shots—just as they have with President Bush.

Yesterday, MoveOn members jumped into action in response to the Post story, placing “For Sale” signs on McCain headquarters in 10 battleground states to call public attention to it.2 At the same time, McCain made our point for us, holding a photo-op yesterday in front of a California oil well and renewing his push for offshore drilling.3

McCain’s hoping to use gas prices as a wedge issue to win the election. That’s why it’s so critical that we keep spreading the message that McCain’s been heavily influenced by the oil companies—and so we can’t count on him to solve the energy crisis. When people think of Bush, they think “oil,” but that’s not true of McCain yet—even though his energy policy is almost identical to Bush’s and his campaign is literally run by oil lobbyists!4

Here’s a video that makes the case, from our friends at Progressive Accountability.

Click here to watch the video:

McCain: 29 Guesses video
Click here

The energy crisis is shaping up to be a decisive issue in the election. MoveOn’s ongoing campaign on the energy crisis has two goals: 1) highlight the progressive solution—a huge plan to shift our economy to clean energy, prevent climate change, and create millions of jobs, and 2) work together to block McCain and the Republicans from pushing gimmicks like drilling to win votes.

–Noah, Daniel, Tanya, Karin and the rest of the team of

1. “Industry Gushed Money After Reversal on Drilling,” Washington Post, July 27, 2008

2. “Activist group protests at McCain headquarters,” WHP CBS 21 Harrisburg, July 28, 2008

3. “Offshore Drilling is Something We Have to Do,” Time Magazine, July 28, 2008

4. “Oil Money: John McCain’s Close Ties to the Petroleum Industry,” Campaign Money Watch, July 11, 2008

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>The World According to Monsanto


I highly recommend this documentary about how Monsanto has changed farming and lives of Americans and other peoples worldwide. Although the film doesn’t make this connection directly, it’s little wonder why our cancer rates in America are some of the worst after seeing the evidence from even Monsanto’s own scientists. This affects 70% of the food supply in America.

You also learn how Monsanto is literally ruining the lives of farmers in America, India and other places.

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>80s Estonian Meat Commercial


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>John McBush’s Flip-Flops: The War in Iraq


This image does an even better job of contrasting his contradictory statements.

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>John McBush’s Flip-Flops: Tax Cuts

In an effort to collect the various stances mr. McCain has done 180’s on since entering the running for the presidency, I’m going to start a series of posts following this format. One of the main things those on the right use to recommend this candidate are his supposed rigid consistency in voting on various issues. Since this is a complete fallacy I intend to offer up real evidence to the contrary that I regularly discover through articles throughout the web.

Up first is the reality of his lack of a consistent stand on tax cuts. From The Economist (emphasis mine):

“Gone are Mr McCain’s long-standing worries about the wisdom of cutting taxes at the top. Instead he now offers the traditional Republican recipe for growth: tax cuts, freer markets and minimal government. Though he opposed George Bush’s tax cuts, he now wants to make them permanent and add more.”

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>Wired: Drug Companies Get Healthy, but at Whose Expense?

My new theory is that the “free market” solutions American Republicans and Libertarians squawk about all the time, and to which I used to subscribe until very recently, are not free market or truly capitalistic at all and actually lead to a form of totalitarianism all its own, to a small degree. We’re being screwed while at the same time being told real Capitalism is at play which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Exhibit A in this case is the health care companies in this country. They don’t have to compete across state borders which would certainly increase the quality and decrease the cost of healthcare overall while still providing jobs and worse, don’t have to price their drugs based on typical market factors and instead charge whatever they feel like, regardless of the disconnect with their market and the harm they do to their consumers.

See this article for a very specific example of this.

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>Gladiator Nightstand


How awesome is that??? I only wish I would have thought of it when I was in fifth grade. Back then I would lay in bed and listen for suspicious sounds and if I heard one I’d get any number of implements from my arsenal that came from anything like the metal parts of three-ring binders to my Mom’s discarded kitchen knives (that she thought had been thrown away).

[Thanks, R]

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>Control Your Computer from Anywhere on Your iPhone


See that? It’s my laptop’s screen as viewed remotely on my iPhone.
Mochasoft VNC was released to the App store and it allows you to
connect to and control your computer from anywhere, over the interwebs.

This is amazing. I recommend using UltraVNC for Windows XP and I
haven’t tested it in OS X yet since that would require a reboot but
it’s supposed to work with whatever screen sharing is available with

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