>soma fm vs. Flytunes

05 May


I was getting tired of not knowing why soma fm, streamers of the best Internet radio stations, wasn’t available via Flytunes on my iPhone anymore. For the short few days I had it, twas Heaven.

I wrote soma fm today to ask what happened and here’s the cool part:

Flytunes initially added us to their service without asking our permission, and when they did ask our permission, part of the agreement was to allow them to put ads in our streams. We didn’t agree to this, and asked them to remove us from their service.

We will shortly have our own iPhone streaming service available.

Sweet ass.

Update: See Flytunes’ official response in the comments. It seems there may be more to this than soma lets on. However, it appears the crux of the differences come down to the monetization methods. Perhaps soma would rather be donation only to avoid any ads being inserted into their streams. Flytunes’ desire to monetize via in-stream advertising and provide a rev-share isn’t a horrible idea either, though.

Let’s just hope soma’s iPhone/iTouch app is as easy to use as the Flytunes platform.


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4 responses to “>soma fm vs. Flytunes

  1. Anonymous

    May 6, 2008 at 5:56 am

    >Hi,I thought it would be a good idea to add some additional and accurate perspective regrding Soma and FlyTunes. When we started the service, Soma was not part of the guide. As an aggregator, we delivered streams that were publicly available through servers like Shoutcast and Icecast. After a number of weeks, we had accumulated several requests for the Soma content which is of course very popular. Since the streams were publicaly available, we assumed their distribution was desirable by the content owner. So we added them to the guide. At the same time (same day), we contacted Soma to let them know we were adding the streams and informing them of our business model and interest in working together. We received no response, so we gave it a few days and sent another email to Soma, again with no response. As many people know, webcasters have been weathering a royalty storm and we have created a monetization platform for them, in addition to an incremental and desirable method for them to get their content exposed. The interest in the FlyTunes platform by content owners has been ubiquitiously positive – except from Soma. A few weeks after our attempts to contact Soma, we heard from several of the content partners that we were working with amicably that the owner of the Soma stations was circulating an email around the webcaster community warning them about FlyTunes. Since we were already working closely with most of the webcasters, the context of this email was unfortunate, but not seriously problematic. However, we immediately contacted Soma again, re-iterating our position as a platform for them to use in the way they chose, that we would love to be theri partners and that we were immediately taking down their content just in case they chose alternative methods of mobile delivery. It should be noted that we have an opt-out option on our website and Soma could have contacted us at anytime asking us to remove their streams. Since then, we’ve tried on several occasions to sit down at conferences with the owner of the site and try to find common ground, but we’ve had no luck. Their users have lobbied us to add their streams back in, but of course we will not do that without the consent and desire of the owner. We’ve been bewildered as to why the content provider does not want to discuss how we can work together to deliver their streams, but we totally respect teir desire to opt-out of the network. However, the representation in the previous email is not accurate, so we felt we should set the facts straight. We wish Soma and their listeners nothing but the best and we would welcome them as part of the FlyTunes network at any time.Sincerely,The FlyTunes management team

  2. eriK

    May 6, 2008 at 10:32 am

    >Much appreciated. How interesting it is to receive both sides of the story…post updated to reflect.

  3. Anonymous

    June 2, 2008 at 1:40 am

    >…and today June 1, 2008, has disappeared. Where? What the hell happened? The streaming has gone, the website has gone! Come back to us!

  4. Rusty Hodge

    June 20, 2008 at 12:59 pm

    >As of yesterday, SomaFM now officially supports streaming on iPhones and iPod Touch devices, over both EDGE and WiFi. WiFi users will get higher quality 128k streams, while EDGE users will get slightly lower audio quality but very reliable streams.iPhone users connecting to will now get a fast-loading iPhone webapp-style site, with access to all our streams. It is true live streaming, iPhone listeners will hear the same content at the same time as computer-based listeners.


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