>Super Monkey Ball, Spore, AOL IM, on iPhone! OTA!!

06 Mar


Holy buckets.

Spore on the iPhone. The full game. On an iPhone. Controlled via motion control. In your pocket.

Apple takes so many giant leaps forward, way out ahead of anyone else, every year. Whether it’s original hardware or just software updates like this. How can any other company even keep up? They can’t and no one is even coming close.

Now the iPhone will have caught up with all the awesomeness of the only other platform that could compete on features and ‘slickness’: Danger (which M$ bought recently, btw). Well except for 3D acceleration, motion sensing, multi-touch and all those other wonderful features.

But not until June?!?! Fuck nuggets.

I actually know someone who purchased the SDK already. Split it with a friend and they are going start developing shit for The One Device. Just because they can.


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