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>I have an iPhone problem…


So, you know you're in denial when you write a gigantic post about
all of the flaws of the iPhone. Well, kinda. My points were all
valid…I just got so suckered into the gorgeousity of these slick
device. Plus, my boss is the best boss in the world and she bought
me one for my hard work this year. Amazing.

After a couple of weeks with the little fella I can attest to the
iPhone's wonder and overall usefulness. Apple products really do
engender feelings of absolute wonder and joy not unlike castle
Greyskull or the G.I. Joe mobile fortress did when I was 7. Once
again they've put an ass-ton of thought into the useability of this
device and it is another shining example of a near-perfect fusion of
hardware and software design. Bravo, little company, bravo.

BTW – I was chatting with <a href="">Ben
recently</a> and it seems as if he's gone totally Mac too.

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>Ping Pong Revolution


Tonight while braving the holiday shopping mobs I saw a set of mini table tennis paddles and realized that our dining room table is amost as big as a ping pong table. And so I purhased these paddles and the games can now begin. Although I need a lot of practice as I just lost three in a row.

Ping Pong. My house. Tomorrow. Are you ready, Pepin?

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>Serious Cupcake on Serious Earth


Chelsiar makes a treat Mr. Wonka couldn't beat.

Erik via iPhone

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