>"…only 2% using Windows have upgraded to Vista."

01 Aug


This whole Vista thing could end up being a really big problem for Microsoft since, as the article indicates, they missed the last big enterprise upgrade cycle and, according to another article I posted previously (can’t find the link right now, doh), I.T. positions and needs in general are shrinking.

I think a survey needs to be conducted to determine how many people switched to OSX and Apple products since Vista was announced. It’s a major reason I switched, and I know that Apple is posting record sales with its MacBooks.

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One response to “>"…only 2% using Windows have upgraded to Vista."

  1. Ben

    August 20, 2007 at 3:21 am

    >Ooooooooh, how I wish I can keep on the Windows/Microsoft bandwagon. I really and truly hate the Apple way of life. They (Win) just keep fucking up – for every great step (WMP 11 kicks the ASS off iTunes) – their ZUNE sucks. And, I’ve yet to see Vista first hand – but from what I hear – we’ve got to wait like 2 years for Vista to really make any sense to people… I’m just waiting for Apple to fuck up. … waiting.I doubt it. Ugh. I’m going to stick it out. Please dear God, don’t let me be the last guy.


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