>Why I will NOT be ‘switching’ to the iPhone

08 Jul


While most people contrast the iPhone to other Windows, Palm and Symbian smartphones out there no seems to be drawing one obvious comparison: to Danger’s Sidekick 3.

Other reviews also cite the iPhone’s lack of 3G data compatibility as a major reason to hold out until version 2.0, I couldn’t care less about having access to 3G because of it’s ridiculous price tag. ~$50/month for high speed internet on *just* my cellphone? You’ve got to be kidding me. I think cable broadband is overpriced at $45/month.

No, for me 2G, or 2.5G as most have come to call it, EDGE is sufficient, especially given its sweet price: $20/month on top of your voice plan.

The main reason I won’t be switching is because the iPhone really only offers marginal upgrades to what I get on my T-Mobile Sidekick:

(a) higher resolution display
(b) more robust internet browser (which is a moot point because EDGE is really only suited to mobile versions of sites)
(c) better music player (iPod) (although the Sidekick 3 does have an MP3 player that’s perfectly sufficient)
(d) slightly higher megapixel camera (2MP vs. current 1.3MP)

Are those three things worth $500 – $600? No, no they’re not. Essentially I already get those things, minus the big display. I already have a phone that provides 2G data and a music player. I would actually be missing several things if I ‘switched’ and it would be a downgrade of sorts because with the iPhone I would lose:

(1) Instant messenging client
(2) Customizable user interface (background, icons, effects etc..this is a major drawback in my book)
(3) Robust 3rd-party applications
(4) Robust 3rd-party games (of which I have a ton, I’m especially fond of Crosswords)
(5) REAL SONGS for my ringer
(6) Constant sync over the air (OTA) for all of my contacts, pictures, notes, TASKS (iPhone has no task list app), calendar, and text messages. I never have to dock this thing to sync anything, it’s backed up constantly over the EDGE network wirelessly. And if my phone craps out I can take my SIM card and pop it into another Sidekick and all of my data is pushed to the new phone within 5-10min.
(7) REAL physical keyboard (with auto-correction). I really don’t care for the iPhone’s virtual keyboard, except maybe when in landscape mode, which Apple doesn’t allow for any apps except Safari (What a ridiculous little restriction that hampers the device significantly)
(8) T-Mobile’s network, customer service and rate plans (which are the best of all the carriers, $45 for 1500min./mo., do that at&t)

So to get an iPhone I would lose all of the above 8 things and half a grand, whereas if I keep on with my Sidekick I get all of the above and only lose a couple of minor upgrades.

It’ll be interesting to see where the device stands in a year, because that’s when I’ll re-evaluate my decision as the iPhone offers no significant improvement over my Sidekick.

Now, to spend that $600 wisely – Vizio 32″ LCD TV here I come…


Posted by on July 8, 2007 in Gadgets


2 responses to “>Why I will NOT be ‘switching’ to the iPhone

  1. Ben

    August 20, 2007 at 3:26 am

    >Yeah! I want to get a new phone – and I have T-Mobile – so you recommend the sidekick?

  2. eriK

    August 20, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    >I do whole-heartedly recommend it. It’s a very tight and nicely done integration of hardware and software design, not unlike many Apple products. However, knowing that you are a Windows person, you may feel a bit restricted in terms of free third-party add-ons since, like many Apple products, it also is a pretty closed system. That said, many of the games and apps available in the Sidekick catalog are great.But I think you will find many Sidekick owners praising the Sidekick 3’s vastly superior keyboard. So if you plan on textin, emailin, or hootin and hollerin’ (via keyboard in AIM which is built-in), you can’t do better. But if being able to allow your phone to act as a wireless modem for your laptop to receive anywhere internet access, look to Windows Mobile devices, or a Crackberry.


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