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>Suki and Conan – Paws of Fury


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>Russia has Quickly Descended Back Into Fascism

>…according to this article from a British news publication.  This is scary stuff, the mass-procreation camps are minor in the face of book-burning, persecution of foreigners and historical revisionism now apparently widespread there.

Next up: Russian “labor camps” (read: concentration camps) for foreigners and brown-skinned citizens will be discovered.

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>Trailers From Hell

>Trailers From Hell is a great idea for a website: trailers of old films with commentary by real directors.  Not all the directors are so great but they are interesting to listen to as they describe the interesting apects of all of these B-Movies.

It’s perfect for someone like myself who rarely takes the time to watch the director commentary on DVDs because it’s such a large time commitment.

There aren’t a ton of trailers up yet, about 10 now but many more are “coming soon.”

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>Simpson’s Movie Batting 83% on Rotten Tomatoes?!

>Wow, I totally braced myself for it suck, it was only the faintest hope
left that it would actually be good. Especially after those lame


And oh yeah, I'm in Chicago.

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>Thriller, as Performed by Inmates


…in Cebu, Philippines.

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>Lotsa Good Movies Coming Out


Science Fiction

This sci-fi flick, Sunshine, looks like it could have some nice eye-sugar:


The latest from the Cohen brothers:
No Country for Old Men

Science Nonfiction

In the Shadow of the Moon

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>Sony eBook Reader for $50!!!

It’s not too good to be true. I just did it and my reader is in shipment. Plus you get $150 worth of eBooks from the Sony CONNECT digital book store ($100 of ‘classics’ they choose and $50 of whatever you want).

How can you get this amazing price?

1. Go to this website and apply for a Sony credit card.

2. Receive card in mail (up to 30 days, but mine was like 1 or weeks)

3. Activate card

4. Register on

5. Add something, anything to your wishlist (I strongly suggest adding a really expensive item as you have a chance of winning that item for free).

6. Add the Reader to your shopping cart

7. Click “Proceed to checkout”

8. Follow the checkout process. You will need to purchase 5,999 Sony points which is really $59.99 for shipping + tax.

9. Register an account with

10. Plug in your shiny new Reader and activate it.

This had me jumping up and down in excitement when I ordered mine tonight for this ridiculously cheap price. The only downside here is that the CONNECT software only works with Windows, but if you’re on a Mac Boot Camp is hella easy to use. Also, I’m guessing people have figured out how to get their own ebooks on there through OS X.

EDIT: Sorry for omitting the link the first time, it’s up there now. Thanks, R.

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>Suki and Conan – Kitty Battle Royale

>Look how they go directly for each other’s juggular veins, isn’t that cute?  What a whittle wemon.

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>First Private Expedition to the Moon

via hiptop [thx again to Brad]

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>72% Addicted to Blogs and Blogging

>72%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2Online Dating

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