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>Oozinator – Questionable Super Soaker


I wonder if the kids were told why the commercial was pulled.

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>The COG Team


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>The Thirstiest Day of my Life

>It's 11:13p and I'm in waiting for an IV in an ER since 8:30p. I've
been throwing up all day long until I got a shot to stop that nonsense
at 8p. I've not eaten or drank anything (that's stayed with me) all day
and I am so incredibly thirsty that I want to lick the drops coming off
the faucet in front of me. I can't eat or drink anything tho, doctor's
orders. I've gotta say though, that stolen sip from Chelsea's water
bottle was the stuff of dreams.

Besides imagining gigantic 711 big gulps filled with ice and Gatorade,
I'm awaiting a CT scan to determine if my appendix needs separatin from
my abdomen.

So if you've called me today (and there are a few of you) and I haven't
responded at all please know that once I'm walking again (apparently not
getting any nutrients turns your legs and arms into feeble versions of
their former selves) I'll be in touch.

I have never exploded.
eriK via hiptop

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