>Nintendo DS Shortages…!

06 Feb


So, although I could find NO NEWS about it, searches on Best Buy, Circuit City, Gamestop and Amazon’s inventories for a Nintendo DS yielded “Out of stock,” “back-ordered” or “not available for purchase online” messages. I’m considering actually buying one…yes, again. I’ve ordered a Slot 1 flash card device – for homebrew, ROMs and multimedia capabilities – per a recommendation from Francis Bonnin and I guess I’ll just have to borrow the lady’s when it arrives…in 12-18 days :( Damned international Air Mail from Asia.

Per Milward’s suggestion I re-checked out Comic Book DS and saw that M. Bonnin has actually posted a video of the app in use. If it’s as easy fast and intuitive as it appears to be (see video), the only potential hurdle for reading comics on it would be the screen size. I’m very keen on getting some sort of device in use before my dream Paper Killer comes into being.

BTW, I wonder what it will be like to read comics on the iPhone, they’d probly have to be individual images…

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Posted by on February 6, 2007 in Gadgets, Videogames


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