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>$180 and a lot of Googling

…it’s amazing what it can get you. Pictured here is a Nintendo DS running the Comic Book DS program with
Paul Chadwick’s “Concrete: Strange Armor” miniseries loaded. I’m halfway through the third book in the chapter and it’s been a pleasure using the DS to read comics on.

Much thanks are owed to Milly for sparking my interest to revisit the DS as a “Paper Killer.” Why $180? What you need to view comics, download DS games, and run old Lucas Arts adventure games on a Nintendo DS:

1) A DS = $130
2) “Flash cart.” I use and recommend the R4DS = $45
3) A microSD Memory card (best deals here) = $11
4) Some downloaded comics, DS roms or adventure games = free

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>Tysons Craziest Moments


Please, oh please, listen to until at least 3:25 or “I’ll eat your asshole alive, bitch.”

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>My Standards



Baking Equipment


Music Player

Comic Book

Search Engine


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>Oprah’s Never Looked Better


Paused on this shot tonight and couldn't resist.
eriK via sidekick

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>Nintendo DS Shortages…!


So, although I could find NO NEWS about it, searches on Best Buy, Circuit City, Gamestop and Amazon’s inventories for a Nintendo DS yielded “Out of stock,” “back-ordered” or “not available for purchase online” messages. I’m considering actually buying one…yes, again. I’ve ordered a Slot 1 flash card device – for homebrew, ROMs and multimedia capabilities – per a recommendation from Francis Bonnin and I guess I’ll just have to borrow the lady’s when it arrives…in 12-18 days :( Damned international Air Mail from Asia.

Per Milward’s suggestion I re-checked out Comic Book DS and saw that M. Bonnin has actually posted a video of the app in use. If it’s as easy fast and intuitive as it appears to be (see video), the only potential hurdle for reading comics on it would be the screen size. I’m very keen on getting some sort of device in use before my dream Paper Killer comes into being.

BTW, I wonder what it will be like to read comics on the iPhone, they’d probly have to be individual images…

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>Real Whiz-Bang Dominoes


If you woulda asked me, “Hey, wanna see a dominoes video?” I woulda said “No.” However, after seeing Tim Fort’s Kinetic Art, I now realize that I am a dummy.

Once you start, you can’t stop. I guess there’s still cool things left to do with dominoes.

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>It’s not the Flux Capacitor…


Remember the “Mr. Fusion” or whatever from Back to the Future 2 that fueled the Delorean from garbage? Yeah? Well some peoples at Purdue made one too. For real though. Right now it’s the size of a van so I spose it won’t be commercially available real soon but boyhowdy is it cool. Maybe we’ll eventually get mini ones to power our rollable e-ink displays and media players that’ll be all the rage in the not-too-distant future.

your mom wishes she could solve pollution so easy.

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>Suki likes to browse the interwebs with daddy


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>The Real Bionic Woman

Amazing. Just amazing.

A computer in her arm responds to brain impulses in the muscle of her chest and interpret them as the commands she is thinking. Thinking. Wow. Maybe iPhone v2.0 will be mind-controlled as well. You know how fast you could multitask with that?

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>The Switch, kinda – OS X on a PC


I don’t even know if this will end up working but Viking’s got OS X
installing on his custom-built PC, will let you know how it turns out.
Visit this site if you’re interested:

Update: Viking’s got it working. This update posted on his PC with Safari on OSX. The “End” key isn’t functioning, however, and it’s quite frustrating. :p
eriK via hiptop

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