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>Bradleo and the Consumers: Champagne Dreams

>BradLeo and the Consumers – “Champagne Dreams”
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Bradleo does it again! Note the decidedly “Bradleo” touches in this video: glaring use of color, lo-fi effects and cheeze. It’s a perfect companion to the song craftsman’s ouevre. Wouldn’t you agree?

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>The iPhone’s Real Competitor


Now that the dust has settled after Apple’s biggest product announcement since the original iPod, I will weigh in with what I feel everyone in the press, offline and online, is missing.

The iPhone’s competitor is not Palm’s Treo; the iPhone’s competitor is not RIM’s Blackberry; it’s also not a Windows Mobile device, these comparisons are odious on several merits, not the least of which is their corporate focus compared to Apple and Danger’s hipper demographic.

The iPhone’s real competitor is … drum roll … Danger’s Sidekick. Attempting objectivity, I will make the case on the following major points:

  • Hardware integration with cellular network: this is probably the biggest oversight. iPhone requires special features implemented at the hardware level of the network itself to provide Visual Voicemail. Neither the Treo and Blackberry require anything unique to any cellular provider. You can use them on most, if not all, the major carriers. The Sidekick requires unique modifications to the carrier’s equipment and that’s a big part of why it’s exclusive to T-Mobile. You can’t buy an unlocked Sidekick and use its data services on any other network (in the U.S.) just like the iPhone only works on Cingular.

  • Controlled and integrated hardware/software ecosystem: Like Apple’s upcoming device, the Sidekick is a beautifully engineered marriage of hardware and software. The key benefit here is the exceptional user experience that Danger and Apple’s products provide over all of the other smart phones: fewer buttons, context-aware universal controls a la clickwheel and Danger’s Menu, X, Jump and Back buttons. The iPhone will be superior in this regard; the Sidekick has been and already is (what? it’s an objective observation). Also, Apple and Danger lock down their system so you can only install approved software from them. While restrictive, overall this makes for a more crash-free experience not unlike what OS X offers over Windows XP.

  • Screen orientation sensor: a more minor point than the two above but certainly applicable is the inclusion of sensors that automatically orient the display to how users are holding their phones. For the Sidekick this is the vertical flip that the screen does when you open it to access the keyboard (otherwise the display would be upside down). As everyone knows, Apple’s implementation detects if the phone is held upright or on its side.
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>Dragon Force


Their guitaring is too amazing. We must verify its validity and pay a pilgrimmage if indeed they are the metal gods they appear to be.

Who would like to join me at their show in Orlando on Tue. March 6th?

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>Netflix Intros Online Movies – Fucking Finally


Holy shit I was gonna defect to BlockBuster, but this is WAY better to me, well depending on the selection (it’s already 4x as much as Apple, and will be 20x bigger by the end of this year). Fuck everyone complainin’ about needing to watch this at your desk: I have a $190 PC hooked up to my HDTV through a $30 converter box. Integrate your expensive-ass home theater with some sorta computer and shut the fuck up.

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>Soy Products Turn You into a Woman, Literally


Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality…

when you feed your baby soy formula, you’re giving him or her the equivalent of five birth control pills a day

P.S.: Soy sauce is fine. Unlike soy milk, it’s perfectly safe because it’s fermented…

I’m not making this up, in fact I wish I had, it’s hilarious.

Thanks Dave.

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>New Mercedes?


You may have seen pictures of this futuristic Mercedes making the rounds. Forget everyone commenting about how a joystick replaces the steering wheel, I thought it was a joke at first because of its shape: kinda like a shifting stick inspired by women as opposed to the phallic ones we use.

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>LG Has an iPhone Killer; Out in March or April


Well, that sure didn’t take very long. This could spur a whole bunch of knock-offs and bring the iPhone’s steep price down sooner…at least I can dream. It appears that touch screens are the future. Great, so now when my phone isn’t responding I’ll be mashing the screen instead of just the keypad.

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>David Caruso One Liners (CSI MIAMI)


A major network show with a major star…who makes terrible one-liners. Some of these are unbelievable.

Female detective: “She came to Miami to catch some sun.”

David Caruso: [put on sunglasses, look into camera] “Looks like something else, caught her.”

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>Modbook the Mac Tablet PC from Axiotron

>While the rest of the world is drooling over the iPhone (don’t get me wrong, I just did a bunch of that meself) I am looking at the…omg, unofficial tablet mac…*gush* This is it. This is the true “paperkiller” I’ve been looking for. $2199 makes for one expensive comic book reader. I’m not giving up hope, though, there are some digital picture frames coming out next month that play video on 10″ screens that may just be my paperkiller for now, for only 300 bucks.

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>Do the Parolisi


The hottest new video of 2007 is already on YouTube…

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