>I have played zis sing zay call ze Wii

21 Nov


I spent the afternoon and evening playing my friend Bret’s Wii. I give it 4 out of 5 tinkles. Why not a perfect 5? On its own the system as a concept and implementation is perfect, however, if there’s not a lot of 3rd party support it will go the way of the Gamecube. So pending much support and more clever implementation of the Wiimote and overall control scheme, it’s perfect. Seriously, it’s great. My only gripe was with the controls in Wii Boxing, which needs some tuning.

Downloading games and using the Virtual Console (and the system menus in general) was great. The tiny little bumps while “mousing” (wii-ing?) over things made it tactile and the system was responsive and provided nice little aural feedback noise upon selections, similar to how a TiVo does, only more elegantly. In fact, the whole “whiteness” of the thing, along with its size and the whole crisp feel to everything reminded me a lot of the Dreamcast. Let’s hope this isn’t Nintendo’s last console though…

Playing Zelda: TP was much MUCH easier than I’ve read about. All the reports I had read said that everyone should expect at it to take at least 20 – 30 min. to get used to the new controls. Try 5. I was completely comfortable with using the Wiimote and Nunchuk after 5 minutes. Maybe it was the first game those other reviewers used, while I got acclimated to everything by playing most of Wii Sports beforehand. Twilight Princess, at least the 10 minutes I played, was great. I feel it sucking me in already…

I’ve gotta ending these paragraphs like that…the only other game I got to play was Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam which looks and sounds retarded. It’s great. In fact the gameplay was so fun that I decided that if/when I get my own Wii, that will be the second game I purchase (cuz TP has to be the first).

And now I shall expound on my deep wisdom regarding the PS3.

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