>Upcoming Films of Note

27 Aug


Just a quick list of some flicks I am looking forward to seeing:

1. Long River 7: a sci fi movie from the guy behind the
fan-fucking-tastic Kung Fu Hustle involving dinosaurs and aliens sounds
interesting enough. And apparentky there’s a sequel to KFH coming after

2. Severance: a zombie flick with dark humor and grisly violence, could
be good.

3. Children of Men: in the future women are infertile. Michael Caine
and Julianne Moore star along with Clive Owen. Somewhat interesting.

4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, straight to DVD. How will an 11
minute/episode show work at feature length?

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas digital 3D version.

6. Unaccompanied Minors: a film from Paul Feig who was in some way
involved in a little show called Freaks and Geeks ;)

Wow, that’s a lot. Where’s a girl to find the time for all these


Pan’s Labyrinth, a fairy tale from director Guillermo del Toro who also “did” Devil’s
Backbone, which I have an interest in catching up with as well.
(thanks to Marshal for the recommendation)

Beerfest is another. Its getting the same horrible reviews from the
critics that Super Troopers did so it’s got a head-start chance on being
good. Its amazing to me that ST received such horrible write-ups since
it was such a good film. And rarely is there a disconnect of such wide
margin between myself and the overall scores at Metacritic and Rotten

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