>The Shortlist: Upcoming and Recent Comics

27 Aug


1. The Boys by Garth Ennis. First 60 issue series since Preacher for
Ennis that I can think of. It’s the usually interesting tale of
regulars dealing with the more unsavory results of superheroics
(innocent lives lost during super battles for one).

2. Mighty Marvel Westerns series of one-shots. Steve Engleheart wrote a
fantastic character study in “It’s a Bird” last year which doesn’t
necessarily translate into good pulp westerns but it was my first
exposure to his writing and I’ve been wondering where to go from there
ever since. Been coming out all summer apparently. Didn’t even know

3. Psycho. A 15 yr old series gets collected again by Image (originally
DC). Never heard of the writer, Hudnell? But I dig Dan Brereton’s art
and the story sounds good: alternate history where we have superheroes
instead of nucleur bombs. The book takes the dark and pessimistic
approach to “what would the world be like if they were real?”

4. Death Comes to Dilinger: …literally in this other western comic.
This one is about Death riding into a town to claim the life of a little
girl and her father’s attempt to stop him. Painted art compliments a
short story heavy with potential.

I wonder if at some point I will have read such a wide cross-section of
comics that there will cease to be so many books I haven’t read or heard
of. Becuase I’ve been reading a healthy amount in the last 3 years
since I re-discovered them and there doesn’t seem to be an end in
sight. There’s just so many and I am always feverishly seeking out
those needles in the haystack that prove to be transcendental
experiences like Sandman, Miracleman or League of Extraordinaru
Gentlement (judge not by the movie) and even Preacher. When will the
madness end?

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