>The Horror of Collier County

26 Aug

Rating: 3.5 Zombified Retirees (out of 5)

Note: A preview of the first several pages of this book are available by visiting the page linked to in the title of this post.

Art: Nice work by Rich Tommaso. This is a black and white comic rendered in a what could be described as a more cartoony Charles Burns. It is appealing especially if you dig that whole aesthetic that Fantagraphics faves like Daniel Clowes draw in.

Concept: Kinda neat. Without giving up the ending (in the very off chance that someone reading this review will actually go out and get the book) the author tries to setup a creeping suspicion of everyone in the sleepy Florida town who ultimately end up zombified retirees. In fact the town that the story is based is near Naples, FL off of 41. Having lived in Port Charlotte, another town based around Highway 41 in southwest Florida, the book’s premise interested me even more so. I dig Tommaso’s idea here.

Execution: You essentially get a well-told little horror/suspense/drama story that reads very much like a short story. Although the main character’s behavior, although plausible, did much to hamper the maturity of the story and the character as a mother. And for those of us who still believe in the suspension of disbelief it hurts things overall.

Summary: Worth a read, glad I did. I am now interested in seeing some of the other’s other work such as Clover Honey but especially Perverso. Self-contained stories allow me the freedom from devoting a lot of resources to only one title. And for a medium like comics where things can be more heavily serialized than in any other medium that’s a welcomed relief.


*This book was generously provided by the amazing Marshal Blessing. Google him and know the beginnings of his awesome intelligence.

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