>Sea of Red Volume 1

26 Aug

Rating: 3 pints of blood (out of 5)

Note: A preview of the first several pages of this book are available by visiting the page linked to in the title of this post.

The concept of this comic intrigued me: a centuries old vampire is found tied to the mast of a sunken ship during an ocean floor excavation. He is, obviously, still alive. And the beginning of the book didn’t disappoint the concept. We get a nice internal monologue from the vampire, who turns out to have been a pirate previously. ‘Vampirate’ is a title coined by one of the book’s other characters. And it seems a bit goofy. And it is, like the last half of the book.

The first half where the aquatic nosferatu is “rescued” (he is not freed out of a humanitarian desire but a monetary one by some hack film director) and poses a real threat to the crew of the excavation vessel works alright. But in the end it becomes a “romp.” And by romp I mean light-hearted and goofy to a bad effect. Everything becomes extremely fast-moving in contrast to the considered pacing the story began with. For this story I feel that a slow burn would throughout would suit it much more; reflecting the speed at which things move underwater, impeded by the liquid everything must contend with. Ramping up the speed and adding random monsters (like in the cave) sadly devalue it as standard action-adventure fair.

I guess I am expecting too much from mainstream authors that aren’t Alan Moore but I was lead initially to believe that this book would have some real depth of character, not just for the main one. But I should have heeded the warning signs of illogical motivations driving the characters’ actions.

What was consisently enjoyable throughout the book was the use of a thicker, rougher paper stock and the brown lense everything was viewed through.

Although I am still interested in seeing if the early potential of this story returns, I most likely won’t be actively seeking out the next volume in the series.

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