>Technology of My Life #1: Sidekick II

20 Aug


After weighing many different options (spreadsheet and all) as to what
cell phone I would purchase I settled on the t-mobile Sidekick II. My
primary reasons were as follows:

1. Design: Similar to Apple computers and iPods, the folks @ Danger
(creators of the Sidekick) took the time to pay attention to details.
The user interface is intuitive and simple. The controls for manuvering
within it are likewise.

The fact the the screen embeds itself into the device normally but flips
out when the full qwerty (man that’s always fun to type) is needed makes
for a really neat experience. The backlight sensor works really well @
detecting when you’re outside or in a well-lit room or not.

Universal controls (e.g. Back button, spell checking) further round out
the intuitiveness.

2. Internet everywhere. No need to find WiFi hotspots or anything. And
it only costs $20 extra per month for an unlimited data plan. Sure it
runs slower than broadband but web pages are reconfigured on the fly to
appear nicely on the screen.

3. PDA functions. Everyone could use a PDA. Everyone. There are two
kinds of people in my opinion: those that have used a PDA and are now
permantently tethered to the devices and those that haven’t had the
pleasure of trying one out yet. For those in the latter category, many
use the minimal PDA functions available on their cell phones or iPods
(e.g. Calendar, todo lists, addresses, etc…) instinctively. For
myself, I am now paperless with my grocery list Todo app), recipes and
ideas (Notes app), driving directions (full address book) and calendar,
among other things.

4. Peace of mind. ALL info stored on the device is instantly and
automatically backed up to T-Mobile’s servers silently in the
background. The web-based interface mimics the devices controls should
you find yourself without it and I never lose any info again even if my
phone is destroyed. Just login from a new one and all my info is
automatically fetched from the server. My fiancee recently upgraded to
the newest Sidekick version #3 and she didnlt have to do anything to
migrate to the new phone: all her info was downloaded to the new phone
in a couple of minutes.

Size: although not large for all that the device provides (all other
PDA/Phones except for Motorola’s Q are just as thick or long), it still
is noticeable when in a pocket and is is bigger than most regular cell

Keyboard: keys are stiff and difficult to use for longer than a few
minutes @ a time, like when writing this post.

Camera: although it’s not terrible, the 0.3 megapixel shooter on this
thing barely does the job and is prone to failure. Mine appears to be
permanently busted through no fault of my own.

Overall my Sidekick II cell phone has changed my life in the sense that
I have been able to really organize things and can get info any time I
need, especially from the Internet (which happens a lot more than you
might anticipate). It also enables me to do less necessary but fun
things like posting to my website here and keep up with allof the
different websites I read everyday.

It’s not just an infomaniac’s dream, it’s an organized person’s sanity.
–via hiptop

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