>Darkplace: A Lost Treasure of Television

06 Aug


In 2004 a comedian named Matt Holness aired a show on BBC 4 about a fake horror author and his fake cancelled 1980’s show called Darkplace. It is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. In psuedo-Christopher Guest fashion the show is book-ended and interrupted by the faux creators. The best character is that of David Learner’s who is the hospital administrator. His fake bad acting is great. In fact that character reminds me a lot of Marshal (hey buddy!) but I don’t if it’s because I think he would like the character or because he is somehow like him…? Anyways, I’ve blogged about it before and I’ll do it again until someone downloads it and discovers it’s amazingness as well.

The actual production was cancelled after 2004 :( but can be found on all the popular sites like:

this one
and this one

The theme song alone will confirm that I am not exaggerating how funny this show is. If there’s anyone who would like to watch my copies, I’d be happy to “lend” them via “mail.”

In completely unrelated news, did any else notice Google Talk now has unlimited file transfer capabilities?

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