>Comic Review Roundup

25 Jun


Eternals #1

by Neil Gaiman

Rating: 2/5

*YAWN* …well at least it’s better than 1602, Gaiman’s last project for Marvel. I think Michael Aronson and Shawn Hill at Silver Bullet Comics describe it best using words like “competant” and “adequate” but most of all “average.” The story is just okay. I had no idea this was a “Civil War” tie-in either, Marvel’s current MEGA EVENT of boringness, which just makes this even more forced. John Romita Jr. does the art and man, who is influenced by whom? Him or Frank Miller? I dunno, but the the whole thing is completely average.

Super Fuckers #1

by James Kochalka

Rating: 3/5

…while James Kochalka’s superhero team on the other hand is not so bad. It’s not so great either, but it’s an amusing distraction. I especially liked the little sidestory of the two tumors or whatever they are. I probably won’t buy the trade when this series is collected.

Casanova #1

by Matt Fraction and Gabriel Bà

Rating: 4/5

This is a nicely done secret agent comic. I was very hesitant to read this given the well-trodden genre but of course Fraction fucks around with it enough to be new and unique. I especially like the $1.99 price and lack of ANY ads. Still doesn’t reach the heights of his debut, Rex Mantooth, but nothing he’s done since has. Well, I haven’t read Five Fists of Science yet, so there’s still a chance (fingers crossed, teeth grit). If he keeps it up, I will be buying the trade.

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