>Charlie in my Chocolate Factory

15 Mar


FINALLY I have found a central list of porn video titles spoofing mainstream movies. There are some real gems in here:

-Chicken Not-So-Little
-Cock the Line
-Corpse Ride
-Get Bitch With Thighs, Ryan! (Guess…still confused? Get Rich or Die Tryin)

and my personal favorite:

-Hairy Pooper and the Gonads of Fire Island ( ! )

I have a feeling that this will be the source of some new catchphrases amongst the OFL crew, or what’s left. You hear me, deserters?! Or are you too taken in with bright lights and historical battle reenactments, or whatever it is that captivates a mind in RVA. Sorry Marshal, I know first-hand that there’s nothing in Texas but…

Incidentally, between bouts of writhing in agony earlier today, I watched that doc Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. While the story itself is pretty interesting, the film is too long and the oddest complaint I have was about poor sound production. I understand that it was a small(er) budget but some of the audio and music felt awkwardly pasted together and of poor quality at times. I’m no Foley artist (in fact by just making that statement I’m probably revealling a complete lack of knowledge) but if I notice it, it’s probably glaring.

George Lucas would groan like a wookie and threw a chair at his 300″ TV if he watched this thing. Not too much concern for that, though, since he is probably too pre-occupied with trying to figure out how to print more money with Star Wars (besides the upcoming 2007 re-releases). It’s so sad to see a man who doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t green-screen talent.

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